Oh no! My pinwheel blanket looks like a hat!

I made a pinwheel blanket. Like this one: http://www.knitlist.com/00gift/round-baby-blanket.htm

And it won’t lay flat! The center sticks up. It looks like a very, very large hat. A large pink and brown hat. I don’t know what happened. I made a pinwheel wash cloth to test it out first, and the center stayed down fine in that - but the blanket looks like a hat. Its a month of knitting for me, and the baby for whom it is intended was born last week. :sad:

No matter how I tug on it, about 5 inches in the middle just keeps sticking up!:verysad:

What happened? Can I save it? :sad: :cry:

I’ve been working on a square variation of it and yeah, have had an annoying `bubble’ in the center, though mine is only a little bit of a bump… I think it needs to be knit very loosely for the first few rows, maybe even going up a couple needle sizes. Or it may block out; I’m working with acrylic so that’s not an option.

Hmmmmmm, I’ve made that pattern and it turned out fine. I, too, would guess that your knitting is too tight; but I knit very tightly myself. I probably used a much larger needle than was specified. Maybe it will help if you get it thoroughly wet and do some stretching. I’ve had success with that method, even with acrylic, which is about all I ever use.

Believe it or not, the recipient probably won’t notice this unless you point it out and it will more than likely work itself out with washing and usage. If it’s acrylic, it can be lightly pressed on a “Polyester” or cooler setting on the iron and just a tad of light starch will keep it flat until washed.

I checked again and it looks like you all are correct - there is a 3/4 stitch difference in gauge from the very center to, say, just over half-way through the blanket. :doh:

It’s 100% cotton - what do you think my chances are of being able to stretch it out if I wash it?

It absolutely cannot go out of the house as it is - due to the colors of the yarn, and the extent of the puckering (I figured out there’s a name for this!), it, ah, looks remarkably like a (ahem) certain part of female anatomy. Kindof like a snow cone. The center circle/flowery looking part is pale pink, with the next circle white, and the next pinkish-brown…:oops:

100% Cotton can be wet blocked and has some stretch! Just soak it for about 30 minutes, squeeze all the water out, roll it in towels. Then lay it on a bed or a blocking board, pin it, starting in the center and pinning outward to the edges, stretching out the boob(you’re the one that described it). Let it dry completely and Wha La! And being cotton, it will shrink some when washed and that’ll probably get rid of the cone.

The center circle/flowery looking part is pale pink, with the next circle white, and the next pinkish-brown.