Oh No, my first bind-off and I may have goofed

The videos on this website have been so great that I wasn’t nervous about trying my first bind-off using the Basic Knit Bind-off method video.

I finished it and I have one loop on my needle and no other loop to pass over it. If I take the needle out, I’m pretty sure it will start unraveling. What do I do? :crying:


lol this is my favorite post of the day…i remember when i first got done knitting and bound off my edge too and the videos i watched (on another site) didn’t tell me what to do with that either. I sat there wondering how the heck i dealt with THAT! all you have to do is bring your tail through it and tighten it.

If you watch Amy’s video of a small project here she has a great hint at the end on how to bind off without any funky little edge. :thumbsup:

It worked! Thanks to you, Ingrid, Amy’s videos, and everyone who posted answers to my posts or to posts I read for someone else. (yes, this was a group project!).

I now have completed my first scarf and my first knitting project!

:happydance: Happy Dances! :happydance:

:cheering: :happydance: :happydance: :cheering: