Oh NO! Look what I did

I made the Connections scarf from Knitting Daily for the Red Scarf Project. I finally finished tonight. It’s due on the 15th. So I soaked it in water and good smelly soap and then blocked it with pins. But my blocking mat isn’t long enuf so I thought I’d hasten the drying time by ironing it a little bit. This is Caron Simply Soft. Cheap acrylic. VERY cheap acrylic. I used a wash cloth between the iron and the scarf and within just a few seconds (the heat wasnot even up to the highest setting) it started to sizzle. ACK! I melted it!!!

The photo on the bottom is the before picture

Oh gosh, how awful for you! :hug:


Oh dear.

A couple things to keep in mind for the next acrylic project… It doesn’t block, but machine wash and dry evens out the stitches. If you’re going to use the iron on it, iron through a damp towel at lower heat.

:waah::waah: I’m soooo sorry!! it’s sooo pretty too!!

That is such a shame…but we all learn by our mistakes x

Oh no… yeah, ironing acrylic is a very tricky thing. I agree with Sue, just washing and drying works wonders. :hug:

What a shame – all that time and effort down the drain! And it is such a lovely scarf. Is it just on the one end? Would it be possible to frog back and save it? Anyway, I have learned a big lesson, albeit at your expense. Thanks for posting.

I am so sorry !

I agree with suseeq. Just was and dry. I know this does not help you now but for the future.


:waah: Bless your heart!

Oh, and it was so beautiful! :grphug:

You did a wonderful job, I know how disheartening it is to have something like that happen.

Thanks so much for the sympathy and suggestions. I might try ripping back and seeing what happens. :shrug:

Poor baby! There, there. . . .

That is a great way to save this scarf! Looks like it wouldn’t affect the overall (except by a few inches) appearance. Just take back last repeat before the oops and refinish off the end. STILL have a beautiful scarf without the horror of starting ALL over and can, hopefully, be done with the repairs in short time and still meet your deadline.

Best of luck to you. I’m SOOO sorry… and so thankful it wasn’t me (this time). At least you started on an end!!

[SIZE=3][B]XI. Thou Shalt Not Iron Acrylic.[/B][/SIZE]

Sorry you wrecked such nice looking work. I hope you can save it. What a shame.

That is tragic, I’m so sorry for your knitting loss. It was such a pretty pattern too…my deepest sympathy.

OH lordy !!!

Oh that is a shame for you,:hug: but it looks like you can rescue it which would be great after all that work and I guess you won’t be ironing acrylic again anytime soon…

I’m so sorry that happened to you. :grphug: