Oh no! I think my tank's going to be too small. :(

I am working on the Right Front of my Soleil tank. I finished up the left front last night & seamed it at the shoulder so that I could try it on just see if it fit. Well, it’s really snug. REALLY snug. It’s also a bit shorter than I thought it would be.

I don’t wanna’ frog it!! I’m scared that it’ll be even smaller after I wash it. What should I do?!! Can I cry on your shoulders? :frowning:

You can borrow my shoulder :slight_smile:

What kind of yarn is it? It could actually stretch quite a bit with wet blocking depending on the fiber.

Mine also came out a bit smaller than I would have liked - a little snug in the armhole and a bit shorter than I expected. My guage was dead on and I measured to the pattern specification. It still fits and isn’t too tight, but still…

I would handwash and block mine anyway, so maybe if you’re careful you won’t have shrinkage.


It’s Sonata from Elann.com

I will press on, then, and finish it & block it. If worst comes to worst, I guess I can frog it afterwards. :frowning:

hmmm…cotton. Not sure if that will stretch much or not. Maybe you could do a small swatch (maybe 2x2) and then completely wet and block it to see if it does stretch at all. It would be a shame to get it all finished and not be able to wear it.

I did my sister’s Soleil in the same yarn & it stretched a bit…my gauge was dead on, too, yet it was a bit tight on her when she 1st put it on, then it stretched out in a short period of time.

My guage was dead on, also. That’s why this is so upsetting!! :frowning:

I do have several cotton shirts that are really stretched out after wearing for so long so I can hope that it’ll happen with this as well. If not, I’ve steeled myself for frogging it. :frowning:

I’m doing mine in Rowan Cotton Glace - I’m also using the next needle size up to try to get the guage. I DO think its going to be too small for me (I’ve only just finished the lacing at the bottom) but I’m going to go ahead anyway. I intended right from the start to make it longer. I had to make Bombshell a few inches longer and even then I feel it could have done with another inch.

How much shorter than expected did you find it?

It is a shame it isn’t knit from the top down but then we wouldn’t have that lovely lacing at the bottom - wish it had been top down like bombshell can fit it on as you go then =(

Hope yours turns out ok and stretches enough for you. What size did you make?

It’s been my experience that cotton really stretches after washing, so give that a try when you are finished.