Oh my!

I decided to organized my stash today and list it all on Ravelry. :noway: I have over 60 balls/skeins of yarn!!! Where’d it all come from? That’s not even including the 2-3 bags I have hidden from DH thanks to A.C. Moore’s sale. I’m afraid to even look at how much I have in those.:help: I swear this stuff is multiplying on its own.:teehee: I better get back to knitting before it takes over the whole house.:knitting:

:rofl: I know what you mean… there was a sock yarn sale that was posted and I decided to count my sock stash before placing an order…what was I thinking?? After I realized how much I had…I felt so bad and guilty…and now I’m on a no sock yarn buying diet…:teehee:

Isn’t it terrible how it accumulates so quickly? I thought I had it under control in one plastic bin…now that bin is bursting and the lid won’t close and I have a couple of bags and a basket full of yarn extra! Despite that, I still look at yarn online quite often- it helps motivate me.

Lately it seems I’m planning more projects than I am completing. I have lots good ideas, but I need to work on making them reality.:teehee: I didn’t really think I had a true stash and now I’m going to have to stop drooling over sales and start working from what have.:knitting:

I am going on a different kind of knitting diet
if I do not get my list of required chores done, I am not allowed to knit at night.
how am I EVER going to get my stash down that way?

oh well I will find a way