Oh My...I think I have a stash!

Want to hear a little story? Here it goes :teehee: :

So I was wondering through WalMart yesterday in a rather grumpy mood for two reasons: Firstly–WalMart ALWAYS puts me in a bad mood, the place just drives me bonkers and I try to avoid it whenever possible. Secondly–I couldn’t find the wire to fix my muffler that I was looking for (hence my standard frustration with the confounded place–so freakin nonsensically ordered).

My usual fix to such grumpiness would be chocolate, but I was already at WalMart and thought…oooh, yarn would help. And help it did! They’ve got a stinky-butt selection, but it was super duper cheap:

This is the first time in my memory that I’ve purchased yarn with absolutely no project for it in mind. But I figured–hey I’m in this for the long haul and I’ve gotta build my stash!

Oh but then…THEN! I got home and went to put said yarn away and my yarn bag exploded! Where did all this come from?! How did I build a stash! :teehee:

It’s a meager stash I know, but I’m a newbie–there’s always room to grow! Feast your eyes upon some lunchtime yarn pr0n:

El Stasherino:

Who knows what I’m going to do with it all.

Up on top there are some WIPs:

For the record thats: My So Called Scarf and Fetchin in mmmmMalabrigo; down to the shoulders of Picovoli, a Morse Code hat with one and a half matching fingerless gloves; and a Brea bag waiting to be lined and attached to a handle (if I can ever find one!)

You may noticed this in my stash:

Which is what happens when my doggie finds an unattended ball of Paton’s Divine :doh:

He’s lucky he’s so damn cute. Here’s the little bugger resting up from his “reorganization” of my stash:

But I’m still a little giddy from realizing that I’ve started a stash! :happydance:

Cute dog! Love the picts…

And the projects…wow!

My stash still fits in a paper ream box. BUT, I’ve got yarn coming from Ram Wools (remember the 30% off??). I’m a one-project-at-a-time person. I would forget what I was doing if I didn’t organize myself this way.

I hope you did manage to get some chocolate while you were at Walmart. :teehee:

There’s never a dearth of chocolate in my life… :oops:

I thought I was a one-project-at-a-time person too until…well, until I unloaded all this stuff and realized how many I’m mid-stream on! Heh…and none of them are neglected either. I guess I just willfully ignored the fact that I’ve got multiple things going on…

:rofl: :roflhard:

Yesterday I was in Walmart and grabbed yarn to make socks 5 times put it back, grabbed it again walked away, came back to put it back,

It is happening to me too.

What a cute puppy!!! and your stash looks great. Mine just graduated from a wicker basket beside my ‘knitting/nursing’ chair to TWO rubbermaids under the couch.

With 4 projects on the go and more yarn than I know what to do with…

heheh! yay! :cheering: :cheering:

Yarn + chocolate :?? :??
I’m sorry is there a difference between these two BEAUTIFUL words??? :?? :??
Happiness is Yarn, Chocolate and Knitty Gritty on the TV :cheering: :cheering:

Yarn + chocolate :?? :??
I’m sorry is there a difference between these two BEAUTIFUL words??? :?? :??
Happiness is Yarn, Chocolate and Knitty Gritty on the TV :cheering: :cheering:

Congrats on the stash! I distinctly recall saying yesterday that I didn’t think I’d ever acquire a stash… In the space of one afternoon, my Gran bought me three large skeins of cheap yarn, and one of my aunt’s friends gave me a huge bag of yarn she had had forever and never used. :happydance:

I don’t think I’ll probably ever win the lottery. (Let’s see if it works! :teehee: )

Now, all I need to do is make space for the stash…must hide the preeeecioussssss from the non-knitters. Preciousss…

:rofl: Walmart makes me insane, too–thank you for that! I think I’ve decided it’s the lighting in there…somehow it messes with my endorphins… :eyebrow:

Anyway, congrats on the stash, and on having so many projects going at once! Aren’t you a busy girl!

Oh, and the pic of the Patons that the puppy got to? Before I scrolled all the way down, I thought it was a picture of a WIG! I’m thinking, “Why the heck is she knitting a gray wig…?” :roflhard: :roflhard:

It’s exhausting for those little doggies to raid the stash. I’ve been there with my three dogs. Fortunately, mine only seem to like the cheap novelty yarns.
I didn’t realize I had a stash until DH suggested we put it all into a rubbermaid box. I ended up pulling out 7 or 8 bags from the closet and it didn’t fit in the big box. :oops:
Gotta love the stash!

And don’t even get me started on Walmart. I can’t stand that place.

I thought it was just me!! It’s some combination of the store layout/disorganization, lighting, perpetual slowness of the checkouts, blargh…drives me bonkers as soon as I step inside the place!

And puppy (who’s actually 2) has gotten rather clever making his yarn monsters. He’s now taking out ONE skein at a time–without knocking anything else out of my bag–and very quietly yanking it all apart in a corner of another room. Usually while I’m in the shower. Then when I get out of the shower he’s innocently laying down and I don’t know anything’s amiss until I make it back to the living room. Whereupon he gives me a look that says “Wow, how did that happen?? Boy that’s weird…” :rofl:

You’d think I’d remember stash the stash better!

I bet you he smells mamas “scent” on the yarn. if you are like the rest of it’s sits in your lap and hold it in your hand…
Gotta Love the Little Culprits~!! :cheering: :heart:

:rofl: I don’t quite have a stash yet, it still fits into my wicker basket, but the way my husband acts, it’s like a mountain to him! I plan to expand quietly and slowly…soon there will be a real stash for him to deal with. All the yarn I have so far has a purpose, but I feel the urge to buy some yarn just cause it’s pretty… sigh…pretty yarn… :teehee:

Wow… I have 2 rooms full of yarn and sundry odds and ends… :roflhard:

and we won’t even talk about the chocolate :eyebrow:

If you love yarn, you will stash… it’s a given.

Maybe you should show him some of the pictures of other people’s stashes on this forum. Bet he’d be really glad you could still fit yours into your basket.

Maybe you should show him some of the pictures of other people’s stashes on this forum. Bet he’d be really glad you could still fit yours into your basket.

I tend to buy yarn specifically for planned projects. However, since Christmas, dh has been building his football/baseball card collection, my stash, which currently fits in a small box, is growing too (thanks to the Ramwools 30% sale…). :teehee:

:roflhard: That’s a good idea! :teehee: