Oh my gosh

I have been working on a Cabled sweater for my sweetie for his birthday. I got the front and back done and was (I thought) more than halfway through the sleeves. I was looking at it and realized the sleeves would be about 5 feet long if I kept going as I was.

I stopped and counted my stitches, those were correct. I reread the pattern and checked my row counter, those were correct.

I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. I decided to check my guage. My guage was hideously off. I checked the front and back to make sure that was correct, it was.

I looked at my needles and lo and behold, I was using the wrong sized needles!!!:doh:

Needless to say, I spent last night frogging the sleeves. :frog:To drown my sorrows, I cast on a the first of mitt of a pair of fingerless mitts…

Just a reminded to heed that old addage, measure twice, cut once. Or in this case, check your needle sizes!

Aw . . . that stinks! But in the bigger scheme of things, that really was an easy fix. And as I told my husband when I was knitting an entire sock over again, you’re getting your money’s worth out of this project.

I did that with about 7 rows of a sleeve on a sweater for ds. I was supposed to use a 6 but grabbed a 7 instead-doh! But it took me too long to pick up those stitches in the first place, I just switched to 6s after the 7th row. So on one sleeve, there is this band of larger stitches just below the shoulder. Oh well, he is a kid he doesn’t care:aww::teehee:

You are so right! Just more time to put extra love into it. :slight_smile:

That’s how I got “Gargantua Hat!” My first hat project was one where I initially debated between two patterns…and apparently chose the needles from one and the pattern from the other. I kept thinking, “This looks big,” but it was my first, so I figured I didn’t know what I was doing. (I didn’t, but for different reasons. :)) Anyway, my dd’s huge teddy bear has a nice hat.

Sorry about the sleeves, but at least you caught it before you were completely done.

:hug:I feel your pain! Been there, done that!:wink: