Oh my gosh! You guys are gonna freak!

I found another yarn shop today, and really enjoyed it. I was resting in one of the chairs after shopping, because my belly was starting to hurt a little. (You may remember I had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago.)

While I was resting, a lady walked by that I recognized. I told her, “I used to go to church with you a long time ago.” She said, “Tell me your name?” After I told her, she sat down and laughed. She said, “Did you remember that we are related?” I said, “No! How?” She told me that my grandmother and her father are sister and brother. She is my mother’s first cousin, and my second cousin. Small world.

Anyway, long story short…she is the owner of that yarn shop! Can you believe that? My long lost cousin owns a yarn shop. So funny!

I told her all about my knitting and spinning. She started knitting 3 years ago, just like me. We had a nice conversation, and then I had to leave to come home for my hubby when he gets off work. I told her that I would come back another day and just sit there to knit for a while.

Here’s the website:

Oh…forgot to tell you that I got 3 lovely skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. Soft as butter. I think I’ll use it for something special…for me!

That’s really cool! I love how there are small world moments like that. And a new LYS is always a good thing.

:thinking: A relative in the ‘biz’, huh! Not a bad thing to have! :wink:

That’s so cool!

Is she offering you any discounts? :wink:

It’s a small world afterall. That was nice to find out!!

That is so cool! What a great coincidence!!!

How cool is that!!? It looks like a neat little shop.


I might have to add that one to my list of LYS’s to visit! That’s only 45 minutes away from me, according to MapQuest.

Well, I’m not expecting any discounts, but I think I might see if I can work there. THEN, I’d get a discount for sure!

That would be awesome! That’d be a dream come true for me…working in a yarn shop… :inlove: :happydance:

I LOVE when that happens!! :cheering: :roflhard: :cheering:

Sandy –

I’m just catching up on some threads here, and I noticed that you are in Charlotte. About … oh … uh … 15 years ago, I lived in Charlotte for about 3 years. Loved the climate there! We used to have a condo up on Lake Norman in Cornelius. I really miss springtime in the Carolinas.

Anyway, good to “meet” you!! I love your story about your long lost cousin … we all need one of those! :lol:

Oh I missed this story Sandy! That’s really sweet. Looks like a nice place too. :cheering:

Your long lost cousin is better than my long lost cousin. :lol: Yours knows about knitting! Mine is a non knitting guy and lives too far away for me to convert him. Yours owns a yarn shop! Mine’s just a retired teacher like me. No yarn, no yarn shop. Darn! samm

If someone came to me and told me that they were the daughter of my grandmother’s brother, I’d run! My family is crazy though. And if they were in a yarn shop they would be lost and would think that all those people paying $5.00 for “an itty bitty ol’ ball of yarn are crazy. I mean you can go over to [size=1]walmart[/size] and git a huge honkin’ ball of Red Heart for less 'n that!” LOL!! Glad you found a relative that has a common interest!

And common sense! :roflhard: :roflhard: