Is there something wrong with my DPN’s because I just printed out a pattern that calls for 2.5 mm needles and said that Addi Turbo US 1’s are 2.5 mm. Thats all well and good but I have simple bamboo needles and they come in US1 2.25 mm and US2 2.75. Do you think it will matter much if I just the 2? Is 2.5 a common size? Someone Anyone help me!

:!!!: I just wanted to start some socks tonight!!! DANGIT!

Hm :?? I would just check the gauge and use whatever needles get me the correct gauge. :thinking:

YUP YUP Savannah has decided to do just that and fooy on strange sizes. MUAHHH HAHHAHA I WILL MAKE IT MY OWN CREATION HAHAHAHA.

Thanks! :heart:

Yeeehaw !!! That’s what I’m talking 'bout!! :happydance: