Oh my... bit of a jumper disaster

I have just finished making my husband a Sublime jumper in the cashmere merino silk aran. I loved making it as the wool is gorgeous, and as I was making it I measured it against his favourite jumper and the sizing seemed just right.
I finished the jumper yesterday, and it is HUGE… in fact it is enormous!! The sleeves are about 5inches too long and the whole thing just hung on him! I have no idea who on earth it would fit. I am so disappointed, and have no idea what happened.
What a waste of 22 balls of wool…

That’s terrible! I’m so sorry that happened. What about frogging and starting over, at least the yarn won’t be wasted.

Oh that is so disappointing! It baffles and befuddles me how we can sometimes count and measure and do all the math - and still have something not fit. I can’t offer anything other than a shoulder to lean on - I feel your pain!:hug:

I agree…I’d prolly have to wait a few days to be able to look at it again :teehee: …but that way it wouldn’t go to waste…:hug:

haha, you’re right! I can’t bring myself to look at it at the moment! I have a very tall brother, so am wondering if it will fit him. I can’t even think about undoing it!
I am baffled at what could have gone so bloomin wrong, so to cheer myself up I started on my cardigan :woot: Lets hope that will fit…

Did you wash your hubby? Maybe he shrunk.

I hate to ask… did you swatch?

And even if you swatched, the finished piece is much larger and the weight of it can pull it longer or larger. I suggest putting it away and redoing it. It probably won’t take so long the 2nd time.

Did he shrink :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: That’s just what I accused him of :roflhard:
Thanks for all the support, it has helped me smile about it! I think the weight of the wool is affecting the sizing, as it is in garter stitch and very stretchy.
I shall send this one to my brother, and try again. In a while. When I can bear to think about doing it again!!