Oh my baby booties help, please!

hello! i´m new here… i´m from Spain, i speak english but no perfectly, hope anyone could help me with oh my baby, booties! pattern, the link http://www.adhdknitting.com/freepatterns/Oh_My_Baby_Booties/13.html
I made the first 14th rows, but then i don´t understand very well what to do, anyone did it already?
Thank you for your help, and good knitting

You are going to be doing some shaping for the bootie now. Just do as it says - knit 20, turn and purl 10. You’ll then turn and knit 10, turn and purl 10. Continue for 14 rows.

It’ll all make more sense when you do each section as it comes. :thumbsup:

i was trying this and finally i think i got it… more or less, i attach a photo, because my sides doesn´t look well:
1st: in row 15 if i purl those 10 st them we have 1 more row in this side than in the other ten we left on the needle, right?
2nd: after working only inthe middle stitches, at row 15 we again knit those 10st we already purl at row 15 the other time, so, we have got more rows here, do you understand what i mean?

ok, you should see the picture and notice both sides are differents,
thank you again.