Oh my are #2 needles SMALL!

I am working on a Christmas gift using my lovely new Harmony #2 circs from SteveDallas in the winter wonderland swap…

but my oh my are they TINY!! I can’t even imagine 0’s!!!

0’s aren’t that small-- its the 000’s that are small!

Heh, anything smaller than an 8 is tiny. And 8s aren’t very big either…

and to me anything larger than a US7 is HUGE and hard to manage.

My hands bother me if I use anything smaller for any length of time.

Uh oh, I just ordered 1’s for some socks I want to make! I’m making some on 3’s right now… hopefully the 1’s won’t be too tiny! I’m kind of in the ‘anything smaller than 8 is too small’ camp usually. :slight_smile:

I have just started some cabled socks on size 1 dpns and find I have to move my hands back and forth to find where my eyes can focus and I can see what I’m doing. Aside from that I am finding them fun and I like the fine stitching, it’s lovely.

I’m one of those crazies who doesn’t like working on anything much bigger than a 4. The scarf I’m knitting on 11s now is driving me nuts. The needles are just too big, it feels weird. I can’t wait to finish my Christmas knitting so I can switch back to my 3s and make armwarmers for my ex.

I asked for sock yarn and a set of two circs in each size 0-3 for christmas.

Brandy, that was my reaction as well! (I got a set too, though I haven’t tried them out yet.)

That sock yarn seems so skimpy, too . . . . .

What are you making?

I like anything from 000 - ~7mm. Much bigger and it’s clunky, to me, but for the most part, I just <3 knitting. :slight_smile:

i’ve been doing pants on 8s FOREVER and am very anxious to do a sweater on 19s…In my head I finish it in 3 days…but I’ve never done a sweater!

I used to only like to work on 9-10-11 because the projects knit up so quickly. But the more socks and small-gauge stuff I knit, the more I realized how much I prefer the feel of those little tiny ones. I would say 2s are my favorite.

I’m making the Aran Braided sock pattern you gave me. I’m using Trekking sock yarn. They’re for my mama for Christmas. Its a great pattern!! These are the smallest I’ve ever used though…and wow… :slight_smile: And the sock yarn is skimpy. (the Trekking I’m using) It keeps twisting itself up hee hee.

Its fun though!

I hate knitting with anything bigger than a six. I just finished a mobius cowl for a friend and it was done on 10s; I about died. my philosophy is the smaller the needle the better :wink:

Good thing they make needles in all different sizes, eh? :teehee:

My last socks were on 1’s and they do feel incredibly small when you first start, but after a while it’s not a problem. I just bought zeros for doing the heels and toes. :zombie:

I recently finished knitting a pair of socks with size 2 needles. When I finished knitting, I set the needles aside, and thought, “Oh my gosh…were those size 4??” Then, I checked them with my needle gauge, and they were size 2. I guess they looked larger without the stitches on them. :teehee:

When you keep knitting with the small needles, they don’t feel so small anymore. Your hands get used to them.

Oh, by the way, you guys are gonna freak when you hear this. I actually have some size 000000 needles. :shock: I bought them in case I decide to make anything from my “Mini Knits” book.

When I’ve been knitting on small needles and then go back to using a 4mm, it feels as if I’m knitting with bannister rods!

I’ve ‘translated’ your 000000 needle, Shandeh, to be a 0.75mm!!!:eyes::zombie: - I hope you got a free magnifying glass with them; but in my case, I’d need a telescope! :noway:

Yours, reaching for the binoculars:help:


They are DEFINITELY tiny. I also have some 00000 needles, because the patterns in the book call for either size. (one has 6 zeros, and the other has 5 zeros)

The patterns are for making miniature items for dollhouse miniatures.

I haven’t tried making any of them yet, but I did want to have all the supplies I would need. The patterns use DMC floss as your yarn. I have BOATLOADS of that from when I did cross-stitch.

I say, steady on, old fruit - you’re getting into the ‘Big Time’ again there - 5 zeroes = 1 whole mm.:teehee:

Carry on like that and I might be able to see what you’re knittin’.

All the Best:eyes: