Oh man

I have been figured out! I started a blog about a week ago about the fam and the new knitting excitement and today I got a comment from someone who has an ADD site! He said that I might find something interesting there. I did not think that I was that obvious! :doh:
Just had to share. I figured that a bunch of ADD knitters could relate hehehe :roflhard:

Tell’em to pop in. The more the merrier!! That IS funny! :rofling: In a sad sort of way. :thinking: Ah, the heck with them!

runs off to start yet another project

good gravy… who takes the musings of a person’s blog and thinks that is a good opportunity to speculate they have ADD? would you suggest dyslexia testing to someone that didn’t do spell check in there post?

umm, i mean their… :doh:

some peoples kids :thinking:



I think that it was someone that was trying to drum up readers for their site. Just struck me as funny that knitters and crocheters are always talking about their ADD with their craft and my knitting blog gets the advertisement. :lol:

:roflhard: they would love me then I have so much going through my head I don’t even know where to start but it ain’t with whats on my needles its gonna be ok what can i CO now… :thinking: