Oh man oh man!

Well I knew it would happen. I just knew it!

I can never walk into my LYS and limit myself to the one thing I went in to buy.

Needed a stitch holder so yesterday I asked my husband to get me one. He said he wouldn’t know what he was looking for, so I dragged my still sick self to town and ended up buying a lot more than a stitch holder! Of course, my husband is to blame. Had he gone in he would not have even looked at all the yummy yarn, or even noticed the 10% off sale!

Check out my blog for details on the wool I bought, it is so luxurious! Can’t wait to start knitting it!

So I’m planning a trek back out to Bray next month (after I get paid of course!) as I want to get my hands on some Jaeger wool for a baby girl top I want to make. Who knows what else I’ll end up buying! (I’m wearing a completely innocent look on my face btw…)

Anyone else have the same problem?!


Anyone else have the same problem?!

Nope, not I! I can walk into any lys my lil’o heart desires and walk out completely empty handed. Why, in fact, I do it all the time! Strangest thing though. While my hands are empty I find I often have multiple bags hanging from my arms?! :roll: :lol:

Actually, just this past Friday I hit a shop on my way home from work. Amazingly, and quite frankly, proudly, I didn’t buy one hank/skein of yarn! I did however buy a book and two sets of Addi turbos! The book, Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bodhi. Of course I then ‘had’ to buy two sets of circs in order to knit the socks! :lol: I’m finally working on my first pair of socks! (I never was able to figure out the instructions for the sock knitalong!)
Happy Knitting![/color]

Oh yes, you absolutely HAVE to buy the supplies as well!! Funny how they add up :slight_smile:

Socks are great to knit (even though I kinda set mine aside for the knit along…shhh…) you’ll have a blast!

I just wanted to ask what LYS is?
I don’t think I have that store here, and was curious to know what it is.
Thank you

Beth, LYS is an acronym for local yarn shop. :slight_smile:

Thanks Peg,
I’ll get the hang of the slang.

OOh yes your yarn does look delish… 8)

Can’t wait till i’m finished with this 1st scarf, then i’m headin’ down to get me some…


Egeria, I think everyone set their kal socks aside! Haha.

I almost finished my two-color one, then ripped it all out. Wasn’t satisfied.

Then I knit two on a circular - magic loop thing. They were great - gave to my daughter for Valentines. Now I’m doing just one at a time on a circular because my needle is kind of short and I just prefer it - I think. I’m too new to espouse too many beliefs, likes, dislikes - they change too rapidly!@


Hey Kelly, thanks! I’ve done some experimenting and decided to knit it in garter stitch. Seems to show it off nicely! Can’t wait to get started :slight_smile:

Jouf, and here I thought I was the only one! Funnily enough I do have the ribbing part done and I’m sure it wouldn’t take me long to knit! I was planning on making them into slipper/socks for my husband. Good thing I didn’t tell him or he’d be asking when they’d be done!

The great thing about knitting is trying out the different techniques. I love that!

I haven’t started my kal socks :oops:

To keep on topic though… My fav lys happens to be my friend’s fav lys. The owner knows my friend by name because she does so much ordering through her. Anyway, the owner was saying what kind of shoppers we are. My friend never would be the impulse shopper and buys in big quantities. My style is to go more often, but buy what I need for my next project.

I think our styles have to do with the experience we have in knitting. My friend - 10 years; me - 2 months. Perhaps when I’ve been knitting for 10 years, I will be a shopper like her too. That wouldn’t be so bad, because that girl has STASH!!! I’ve seen it :shock:

I’m not sure my shopping habits will change no matter how long I’ve been knitting!

I usually go to buy for one project, and end up buying a few bits more. I don’t see anything wrong with that!

Bel, just how STASH is this STASH? We talking rooms full? I only have two bags!

omg Egeria!!

Hmmm, let me try to give you a vision of her stash. She wasn’t able to show it all to me, because she wasn’t quite sure where all of it was. She also didn’t have room to put “all” of her stash in one room. I got to see and look through four bins. She didn’t know herself how many more bins she had elsewhere in the house. Maybe 2 or 4 more, she pondered…

Sooo, by “stash” I really mean [size=6]STASH[/size]

So I see your can’t-go-into-a-LYS-and-notbuy-anything and I raise you this: Have you ever left the house with the wrong needles for the project you were working on and since you couldn’t go home and get them you stop at a yarn store and buy a set of needles that you already have at home? :oops: :roll: