Oh I can't wait... new tattoo soon, Appt is on 10/3

I took my idea to my tattoo artist yesterday and last night he sketched up a perrrrrfect design. It’s kinda small, and gonna be on my inside right wrist, but it’s very, very cool. It’s a knitting related tattoo and I can’t wait to get it inked! But I [I]have[/I] to wait because he’s so busy I have to get an appointment! Gah! I hate waiting!!! :verysad:

OOOOOOh I’m so jealous! I haven’t had a new tattoo for 2 years now and have been wanting another one (they are addictive aren’t they?)

Uh, yeah they’re addictive… this will be my 6th. :teehee:

I’m wanting a tatoo on my wrist… but I’m to afraid of the needle…[SIZE=1][COLOR=slategray]and my dad[/COLOR][/SIZE] :teehee:

Please :flirt: post a pix of the new tattoo-love to see it. Love to have one but needles (except knitting ones of course :teehee:) make me :thud:

I still want to get another one…on the back of my neck. I have dh talked into getting one “someday” on the inside of his wrist.

I WANT one…

I am jealous.


My last one was a small figure eight for the infinity sign on the back of my neck. It is by far my favorite so far!

I LOVE tattoos! I have 2 and want like 3-4 more.

OK, in no way is this meant to sound negative so PLEASE do not take it as such, but how can you guys get attached to something that you want on you for the rest of your life? I am so fickle that I’d get a tattoo and the next week I’d hate it and want something else. I am a total committment phobe. Do you guys make the decision and then whammo you’re in? Or do you ponder it for a zillion years and finally do it? I can’t even commit to a hair color, yet alone something permanent on my body. Gotta know.

LOL When I showed my dad my first tattoo, like 15 years ago, it was the day after I had it done. It was still pretty sore, and the first thing he does is scratches it with his fingernail and asked if it was real. :zombie: :teehee:

Well I’m completely not a commitment-phobe and have never been afraid to try something different or “permanent”, obviously. I think about my tattoos for a while before I have them done, but I don’t really mull over it for months and months. Once I decide, that’s good enough for me. I have 5 tattoos and have never regretted any of them. I don’t especially love [I]one[/I] of mine, but it’s a part of me now so I feel about it the way I feel about my butt. Eh. :teehee:

Although oddly enough, the one tat I don’t love is the same tat that was inked by a local [I]tattoo legend[/I] so there IS reason to love it none the less. If anyone scoffs at it, I just say, yeah, well it was done by Eric Inksmith and they go :noway: lol Even the guys at my tattoo studio ([I]Inksmith[/I] & Rogers) are jealous that I have a real Inksmith tat.

Anyway, I digress. No, I’m not afraid of getting something done permanently. If you ARE afraid, then you shouldn’t get a tattoo. No one should ever get ink thinking that “well one day I can have it lasered off”. It’s just not the way to think about tats. You have to jump in with both feet and be happy with your decision.

People are people… different strokes… I respect a non-tattooed person’s reasons for not getting ink, I ask the same respect be given to me even though I do have tattoos.

I’m still a just sweet innocent knitter type on the inside.
:whistle: :roflhard:

I think I’m going to tattoo my cat first and see if I like it! :roflhard:
I agree on the respect thing.

:roflhard: You may like the cat tattoo, but how are you gonna feel when kitty turns your pillow into her litter box? :??

No joke though… some people DO tattoo their animals. And I’m not talking about for identification purposes… I mean real tats done just for their own amusement! :!!!:

She would kill me in my sleep long before then. :roflhard: If I even so much as touch her with what she thinks is a dirty hand she gives me flack. I can imagine tattooing a flower or something on her. :roflhard:

So when is your appointment Kristin? I’ve thought about getting another one for a while…I really think there is a bit of addiction with it. If I could figure out where to put it I’d probably do it it again. I don’t like the idea of my butt in the air for an hour though :teehee:

lol Kemp.
I don’t have an appointment yet. He was supposed to call me last night, but he got stuck working on a back piece for 3+ hours. And I haven’t been able to get through to him today. I’m gonna try calling him again in a bit.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s soon for you. I remember once I finally did decide on the first one I could hardly wait to get it done!

I always think about what I want and make sure I still like the idea a wee while later before doing it - luckily for that (since I usually want them now now now!) the artist I go to has a 2 month waiting list at all times, so you have to wait. I LOVE all of mine - I have them on both wrists, and, while it sometimes gets the nerves twitching while it’s done, they weren’t that bad. My next one will be on the top of one of my wrists, to remind me to Breathe…

As for the commitment thing - my belief is that my tattoos represent something very important to me - either to mark an occasion, something that means a lot to me, something I believe or something in memory of someone. Whatever happens in my future, these things will still have been important to me, and will function as a kind of road map of my life, with all its beautiful uncertainties. For example :

I have a phoenix on my foot, with ‘and still I rise…’ underneath it, to mark when I got out of the wheelchair. I always said I’d get it done when I managed that, and so the day I went was a very cathartic and emotional time.

I have a shooting star on my thigh, in memory of my baby Aron who died before he was born. His name means shining light, and he was only here for a little while but burned brightly.

I have a vine around one wrist, to signify nature - the core of my beliefs.

I have three chinese characters on the inside of the other wrist - ‘dream’, ‘tranquillity’ and ‘willow’ (both my nickname and a shortened version of ‘the willow knows what the strom does not : that the power to endure harm outlives the power to inflict it’). The latter is in the middle, over a previous suicide attempt scar, and the idea was that, if I ever got that bad again, I would have to cut through that tattoo to do it - and it’s saved my life a couple of times. My mother, who was totally against tattoos, actually drove me to the artist and paid for that one.

And I have a tribal butterfly on my shoulder, my first one, because I love butterflies and I doubt that’ll change :wink:

So, even if I move on from different beliefs or convictions, it’s sometimes good to be able to remind yourself of where you’ve come from, how far you’ve come, and who you used to be.

And, in the wonderful Ani Difranco’s words : ‘A tattoo is only as permanent as I am’.

Fi xxx

Wow Willow, that’s really cool. Thanks for sharing what your tats represent.

I don’t know when yet… he doesn’t work today. :verysad:

That’s a really great way to think of it Willow, and the meanings of your tattoos are very deep. Thanks for sharing!

Most of mine have a certain sentimental reason behind them, but not all… and that’s ok. I still remember when and where I got them and what things were like at the time. I appreciate meaningful tattoos, but I don’t think that all of them have to be some monumental dedication. Sometimes it’s ok to get a tat “just because”. :wink:

Oooh, I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I too am afraid of needles! My biggest concern is that one day I’ll get up the nerve to do it, and then right in the middle of having it done I’ll find it too painful to continue, and there I’ll be…a smudge of ink/halfway way done tat, and that I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life! :gah: