Oh I am so confused regarding steeking

I’m working on the deep v argyle vest by eunny jang

i’m about to set the neck steeking. here are instructions:

“Hold center 11 sts of front panel on scrap yarn. Using the long tail method, CO 9 sts. working side decreases as established and keeping side seams as set, decrease 1 stitch at either side of neck steek every 4th row 7 times, and then every 5th row 11 times. work the 9 cast one stitches of the steek even, following chart b. work 3 rounds even. 8 stitches remain at each shoulder”

maybe i am not reading this correctly but does this mean i work from the cast on stitches and not the center 11 stitches. do those just stay on the scrap yarn?


They stay on the scrap yarn. After you work the decreases on each side of the steek stitches, you’ll see that the neck will open up all shaped and ready to go–it’s really kind of cool.

Then you’ll pick up stitches around the neck, including the ones on the waste yarn, to knit the collar, as in a normal sweater.

ahhh THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! i was so confused!!! Yea I can continue!!:muah: :muah: :muah: :muah:

thank you Ingrid It looks like a Steek!!! :cheering: :cheering:

did you look at Ingrid’s AWESOME thread, Steeking 101? (or somthing like that at the top of the thread page?)

Make sure you post piccies!