Oh how quickly they learn

My 2-year-old and I were playing with a penny last night. I had found it and laid it on the couch for one of the kids to put in their piggy bank. We were going back and forth over whose it was and whatnot. I told him it was mine and asked what I should buy with it. He said YARN! He wanted to put it up so Bailey (dog) wouldn’t get it (she only plays with skeins and tries to tear them up so they turn into a tangled mess!) Then he wanted to wind it and watch it “dance.” Ya know when you’re winding a skein from the outside with a yarn winder how it goes all over the place? Well, I call it dancing and the kids love to watch it and think it’s hilarious! (Cheap thrills!) And, oh how well he knows me!!!

I didn’t have the heart to tell him a penny wouldn’t buy much yarn. He’s got some imagination though!


aww that’s so sweet! Great to have a supportive family :happydance:

That’s so cute! :teehee: