Oh how I love this little sweater

on YarnHarlot’s blog, she has posted a pic of a child’s sweater she’s knitting, and I’ve fallen in love with the pattern of various stitches shown…want to make a rectangular shawl with many layers of pattern like this.
Can anyone recommend a book that shows many different stitch patterns? Would this one do?

The Knitters’ Handbook by Montse Stanley. I just ordered it from Amazon. Winter blahs has me going nuts ordering books online - some Kindle, some paper.

You mean this one? I can’t help with a book but I’ll drool over the sweater! That’s beautiful! A shawl…what color will you use?

Yes, that’s the one, Grandma. I just love the changing patterns. My shawl is different shades of blue, green…depending on how far I get before the yarn runs out. I have a few balls of merino in sock yarn weight, so it’s going to be a lightweight, that’s for sure.

this is the width of the shawl…it’s going to be rather narrow.

and here are some other yarns I can add in…

It’s going to be a ‘sampler’ that’s for sure…with different colors, different patterns. Hope I like it.

Pretty! I love your yarns and you’re off to a really good start on it. I hope you’ll post more photos as you progress with this lovely creation. I’ve been trying to decide if I have what it takes to do a large project in fingering yarn. I’ve used it for socks but they’re really a pretty small project. I have some sport weight that I’m going to use next for socks. It’s a little thicker than what I’ve been using so maybe it’s less intimidating. LOL

I hope someone has some good input on your patterns in a book question. I’ve not done much with pattern stitches yet. You’re inspiring me to get more adventurous with my knitting.

Me? inspire somebody in knitting? I’m the most un-adventurous of knitters, but always, always pining to do something wonderful…so I’ll keep at it, and yes, will post pics of its progress. The new book should arrive soon enough, to help me along.

I love shawls, wear them a lot.

Maybe you’re more adventurous than you realize, or maybe you’re just doing something I really would like to feel confident about. Either way, you have inspired me to try something different :woot: so she says sarcastically deal with it! :stuck_out_tongue: I too pine to do something wonderful. I think you’re started on something wonderful already. I’d bet you’ve done a lot more wonderful than you realize too. I look forward to seeing your progress.

Hey, Woodi, it looks like you’ve already ordered a book, but in case you need to find another pattern before it arrives, I just came across this site: http://laceknittingstitch.blogspot.com/. It looks like it has some spectacular textured knitting patterns.

GG, have you heard of zentangles? I started doing some a few weeks ago, and I swear they have brought out some creativity in me. They’re just simple doodles you can do yourself, slowly, in a meditative way…black/white.

You must give them a try! (lots of examples of them on google)…but don’t get intimidated by the many artists who are trying to make careers teaching them, writing how-to books on them. Not necessary to follow any book, no plan. Just go with your own fingers. I like to use a plain pencil.

Zentangles. OK. They look like the designs we used to do on our paper book covers when we were bored in jr. high and high school way back when. I still sit and do them sometimes. They are cool. Mine are never that complicated but they do bring out something, don’t they?

Well, they calm me a lot, and get me away from thinking too much…I suspect it’s a complete relaxation for the brain, but without boredom. Yanno?
and to me, giving the brain a break from thinking is almost as good as a holiday :hug: