Oh Help! I messed up somehow

I hope one of you more experienced knitters will be able to see whatever it is I’ve managed to do wrong and tell me how to fix it. I really don’t want to have to unravel this whole thing :knitting:

Here’s where I am in my directions:
[B]Rows 7-40 stocking stitch, starting with a purl or wrong side row.
Row 41 Purl to end of row, cast off 1, knit 1[/B]

I did up to row 40, at least I thought so. When I started row 41, my stocking stitch didn’t look right. I figured to myself maybe I miscounted and ended with 39 or 41 rows instead of 40 (therefore ending with a purl instead of a knit row)… so I took out my last row (assuming I would then be on a knit row) and tried to purl row 41 again. It still doesn’t look right :???:

Here’s where I’m stuck. I’ve purled a few stitches on so you can see it’s obviously not continuing my stocking stitch like it should be:

Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you!

What is this a pattern for? Is there a picture? I might be off with my math, but it seems like the pattern would have you complete your last WS (or purl) row in stockinette and then ask you to purl the next row as well, which would indicate that you are now doing a part of the pattern that is no longer stockinette.

BTW - from what you wrote you began on a WS or purl row right - so your first row of stockinette was a purl row? I want to be sure I am understanding correctly because that is what I based my math on :slight_smile: If you started on a purl row it would actually be reverse stockinette.

Hi, thanks for your help!

I’m making a baby sweater. I have the back done, and the front left side, so I’m now doing the front right which is a reverse pattern of the front left. Another kind member here wrote out the reverse pattern for me, because I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me LOL

The left side directions:

Front Left
Cast on 45 sts.
Rows 1- 6 moss stitch.
Rows 7-40 stocking stitch, starting with a knit or right side row.
Row 41 Knit 1, cast off 1 knit to end of row.
Row 42 Purl.
Rows 43-71 Repeat rows 41 and 42 – total of 16 decreases, 29 stitches remain.
Row 72 Cast off first 7 stitches and purl to end of row.
Row 73 Knit to last stitch and turn.
Row 74 Cast off first 8 stitches (including the unknitted stitch on the right needle) and purl to end of row.
Place remaining 14 live stitches on a stitch holder.

And the reverse pattern for the right side, which I’m now working on:

Cast on 45sts
Rows 1-6 moss stitch
Rows 7-40 stocking stitch, starting with a purl or wrong side row.
Row 41 Purl to end of row, cast off 1, knit 1
Row 42 Knit
Rows 43-71 Repeat Rows 41 & 42 until 29 stitches remain.
Row 72 Cast off first 7 stitches and knit to end of row
Row 73 Purl to last stitch and turn
Row 74 Cast off first 8 stitches including unknitted stitch and knit to end of row)
Place remaining 14 live stitches on a stitch holder.

This is what the finished sweater will (hopefully!) look like:

The left side which I’ve already done, after the moss stitching, is a lovely stockinette stitch from the bottom all the way to the top, there are no two purl or two knit rows in a row at any point.

Again, thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

Perhaps someone could confirm for me, but I thought when you reverse a pattern (from one side to another) that only the SHAPING changes, not the actual st pattern? Shouldn’t Row 7-40 still start on a RS row?

I could be wrong, and this would be good for me to know for future reference.

Yeah, the whole reverse pattern concept is totally over my head. I don’t know if it means do it backwards, opposite, or what LOL

Usually (and I say usually because all the patterns I’ve tried with this have had the reverse actually typed out for me) it’s the shaping reversed. Example, Your Row 41 on left side is knit 1, bo 1, knit to end…I would think on right side it would be knit to last 2 sts, bo 1, knit 1. Like that. As I said, I could be wrong.

Row 41 is an odd numbered row, so is row 7 where you started the stockinette on a purl row. So row 41 should be purled and be on the same side as the other purl rows. There are no purl ridges on the stockinette side and Knit4pie is right. When you reverse for the other side/front, you only reverse the shaping, the sts would be the same, though they wrote it out for you. If you notice, the cast off (really, a decrease) is at the start of row 41 (a knit row) on the left front and the end of row 41 (a purl row) on the right.

OK, I think I understand… the reverse pattern instructions are likely incorrect? They weren’t written by the creator of the pattern, the pattern only stated to reverse the pattern for the right side. I got the reverse instructions from someone else who was trying to help, since I couldn’t wrap my head around the reverse pattern concept.

If that’s the case, is there a way to correct from where I am now, or am I better off pulling it all out down to the moss stitching and starting over with a knit row instead of a purl row?

Would you (anyone) be willing to share your interpretation of what the reverse pattern should be?

Just go back to the end of the last row you purled on the purl side. Count your rows and see if you’ve got 39 or 40 or 41. If it’s only 39, knit another row, then purl a row but make the dec at the end of the row. It doesn’t matter if they end up one row off anyway, it won’t be noticeable.

Awesome, I think I’ve got it figured out now. Thank you all sooo much for your help! This forum is great :slight_smile:

It also helps if you can learn to read your stitches. If your on the side where all the bumps are then your purling and would purl the next row, but if you have the smooth side facing you then your on the knit side and would knit the next row.