Oh help! Can this be fixed?

I’m making the Morning Surf Scarf, which I guess is a lace pattern? Lots of yo’s that are dropped between rows of knitting. My problem is I’ve dropped some stiches somehow at the end of a row, and I don’t know how to get them back on the needles properly.

Here’s the drop stich row directions:
*k1, yo2times, k1, yo3times, k1, yo4times, k1, yo3times, k1, yo2times, k5. Repeat from * to last 6sts, k1, [B]yo2t, k1, yo3t, k1, yo4t, k1, yo3t, k1, yo2t, k1.[/B]

The following row (the row I’m currently doing) is knit across, dropping the extra yo loops.

I got all the way to the end of this knit/drop row, then somehow dropped sts. Here’s the mess I have on my needles at the moment:

The last st on my needle is the end of 6 sts knit in a row. Then I have 2 sts I rescued sitting on a crochet hook (blue sts). Then I have 3 loops in la-la-land, and long loop connecting the sts on the needle to the la-la-land loops :eyes:

The sts I need to pick up are the bolded ones in the pattern above. Is it possible to pick them up again? I really don’t want to rip out the two rows if I can help it, I’m scared I’ll mess up putting a row back on my needles and end up having to frog it all. I know it’s not much done so far (only 24 rows), but it took me forever to figure out all these yo’s and get this far already :wall:


Dropped end stitches are really hard to pick up, especially on a pattern like this. Since it’s only 2 rows, just un-knit back stitch by stitch the ones that are still on the needles until you get to just below or before where they go. It’s probably the easiest really, you can try to pick them up, but they probably won’t go right and you’ll have to take it out anyway.

yeah, I was afraid you’d say that LOL Cross your fingers for me that I can unknit this back without wrecking it completely! I guess it’s good it didn’t happen at the end of the scarf!

umm i dont really know if it can be fixed?

It’s a lot eaisier to just take out, specially since it’s only a couple rows.

Angie, Been there, done that. Take a deep breath and frog it. You indicated you have now figured out the yo’s so when you do these 2 rows again you’ll learn more and it’ll be a little easier than the first time you struggled thru. I always do better after a dry run plus the second time shows me the error of my ways. It’s usually a big light bulb moment. Go on. Risk it!