Oh Good Grief! How Did I Manage To Do This?

I am a little puzzled. I’ve been knitting on this scarf. I cast on 14 stitches. I’ve been knitting along and noticed that the scarf has gotten wider.

I started with 14 stitches and now I somehow have 22. How did I manage to do this?

Geez, and I thought I was doing so much better. This stuff is harder than I thought, or I am dumber than I thought.

Time to unravel and start over. Again.

lol I have to say that your subject line gave me such a chuckle because I feel that way quite often (and mostly not with my knitting! :teehee: )

Check out this thread and see if it helps some! :thumbsup:

Thanks Brendajos.

I didn’t even bother searching the forums because I thought surely I was the only one dumb enough to do something like this. I’m glad to know that it’s a common rookie problem and not just my own stupidity. LOL

I’ll try to pay closer attention and see if I can spot where I am going wrong. I know it must be this fuzzy super bulky yarn causing at least some of it.

That thread actually helped me overcome that same problem. It’s great to find info here.


This is a great forum. I’ll use what I learned from that thread and try again. I just started it again from scratch to see if I can end up with the same number of stitches I started with LOL

:hug: just watch that first stitch. that one is the bugger! :wink:

Welcome Mason… hope you have better luck 2nd time round, and that used to happen to me all the time, particularly with the fuzzy yarns, take heart, your not the only rookie that does this…

i just wanted to comment on your sig - it made me chuckle: :rofl:

Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste.

I used to always add stitches when changing from knitting to purling. It helped me a whole lot to pay attention to where the yarn was when I started a stitch- in the back for knitting and in the front for purling.

Thanks Dee. That fuzzy stuff is a real bugger.

Glad the sig make you chuckle. Always does me too.

Since you brought it up I am struggling with something regarding the switch between knit and purl.

I’m experimenting with trying a 2x2 ribbing. It says to k2, p2,k2,p3 etc… When i go from the k2 to the p2 or p2 to k2 how exactly do I move the yarn from back to front or front to back? I’ve tried several times and I always get an extra thread of yarn across the right needle (English) from where I moved the yarn from back-front or front-back. It’s obvious there’s a trick to it but I haven’t yet figured it out.

you have to bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then back to the back between the needles… if you go over the needles, you are doing a yarn over and creating an extra stitch.

Thank you very much Dee. That makes sense.

I’m full of dumb questions LOL


No questions are dumb–we’ve all had the same ones at one time or another!

Oh I don’t know, asking a question for which there is a sticky at the top of the category is pretty dumb. I don’t know how I missed it. :pout:

:shrug: :teehee:

Don’t worry… i think that’s a new sticky - well i’ll stand by that anyway, cause i’ve never seen it before :shrug:

[size=2]you wouldn’t be the first one guilty of not looking at the sticky topics (or forgetting what they are cause you never look at them beyond the first time) :oops: [/size]

Also, check out the videos on this site. It is extremely helpful to be able to see something done instead of just reading about it. Good luck!


Yes, that’s how I realized it.
I used to make the exact same mistake, and it was really frustrating. Seeing the individual knitting and purling videos didn’t help, but she explains it in the video showing you about going from knitting to purling. I’m just glad I kind of knew an answer to someone’s questions. As a newbie knitter, this is a very exciting first! :slight_smile:

[color=green]I had this exact same problem when I was trying the seed stitch. I started with 20, then along the way I realized I had almost 30 stitches! I was messing up when I switched back and forth from knit to purl.[/color]