Oh dear

A trip to a LYS resulted in …

and some Addi Naturas in 4mm … (I think I’m gonna swap em for turbos) …
Has anyone seen em?

:woot: :thud: Awesome stuff there! I LOVE that color! I’ve seen addi Naturals, they are very pretty but I have no experience with Addi.

How did all that MMmmmmmmmmmmm end up in your basket? ?? Must be the yarn elves~!! :teehee:

Wooooooow :inlove: what a beautiful yarn! :passedout:
Look…It’s blue…a perfect blue…and shiny…mmmmm…yummy :drool:

What a gorgeous color! :thud:

I wanna touch it! What’s it going to be?!

I’ve never used naturas as I’m not a fan of bamboo needles but I ONLY use turbos and can’t imagine using anything else (partly b/c my collection has grown so much that I don’t want to start over w/ another brand!!!). Turbos are awesome–very much preferred around here (on kh) by the knitters.

The yarn is beautiful–the color really is bright and beautiful–do you have plans for what you’ll make with it??

Addi Naturas have a good amount of grab, so if you’re a fan of slippery needles, like I am, I would exchange them.

Nice Yarn, too.

:teehee: yes, how’d you know??

It’d be used for my first sweater :slight_smile: for my 6mth old son. He was with me at the store to help me pick out the colour. Since it is my first sweater I was gonna go with, Stocking Stitch Sweater from Quick Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss. At first I was thinking a kimono type sweater
but thought I should go with something easier. Unless I can find something similar for 12 mths or should I try this

I will swapping the Naturas for the turbos. :cheering:

Oooooh, I would make the kimono wrap, but that’s me :smiley: I’m actually contemplating it now, haha.

That is such a beautiful shade of blue! :heart:

^^ Thanks ^^

I swapped the Natura for Turbos today :happydance:

What a beautiful color!!!

Ooo, yummy! :drooling:

I hear ya on “eventually”. “Eventually” should be my middle name. :teehee:


Oooh, pretty. I wish I had a yarn store close to me and at the same time, I’m kinda glad I don’t. :teehee: