Oh Dear! Chenille

We just had a 30% off sale at one of our LYS, (even WITH that, I spent over $70!!!), and several of the items I got are chenille (Plymouth Sinsation 80% Rayon, 20% Wool) to mix with Berroco Sizzle 100% Polyester to make scarves for holiday presents.

Just this morning, I started looking at “chenille” on this forum & others. Seems not too many people are in love with the stuff…but it just FEELS soooo wonderful…I HAD to knit something with it…

Have I made a terrible mistake? Does everyone have this “worming” problem? and holes? and yarn ripping/snapping? and shedding???

Any hints, tips, pattern/stitch suggestions you may have for working with this stuff would be very much appreciated. I’d like to do a good job on these presents as these yarns were NOT cheap!

Thanks in advance,

Diane :waving:

I’ve only knit with chenille once, but I liked it! I used it for a scarf. It doesn’t shed, but the scarf itself (not knit with a nice chenille, mind you!) has…flattened. I don’t know how else to describe what’s happend to the fluff. It’s just de-fluffed. But the yarn was Red Heart, so I got what I paid for! The scarf is still very soft, though, and I wore it all winter. (It has sentimental value, too, since it was the first thing I ever knit for myself!)

I didn’t have a problem with breakage or snapping, though, even with the cheap yarn I used. You seem to have purchased a decent yarn, so hopefully it will work just fine!

I made some Christmas hats out of chenille. I didn’t have any worming and they went fast. I think if you’re needles are too small for the yarn, that’s when you get worming if I remember correctly. So just keep it loose and you should be fine.

I’ve had chenille sweaters that eventually lost their fuzz, but that may just be the nature of the beast, and I think that came from washing more than anything.

I would knit much more loosely than you usually knit, to avoid worming. I love chenille. I made a chenille hat for my DH, it was my first knitted project, and the only shedding problem I had with it was that the fuzz stuck to his head as his hair grew in (he shaves his head smooth once a week).

I used the leftovers to knit myself a cover for my seat belt, and sometimes I have black fuzz on me when it’s humid, but other than that it’s fine.

Thanks for the comments, folks! Anyone else, feel free to chime in!

Any recommendations on needle sizes? Stitches/patterns to use or NOT to use?

Thanks again,

Diane :heart:

I think I’d just try knitting with it and see if any stitch pattern shows at all with the yarn combination. If not, you can just knit. Or maybe a scrunchable scarf? It’ll feel lovely in cushy chenille.

Update on using Chenille…

May the knitting gods strike me DEAD if I EVER pick this stuff up again!!!

I am in TOTAL FRUSTRATION MODE. :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :grrr:

I made it through the first scarf semi-OK. Only a few (if I remember correctly…it was back in the summer yet!) frog pond episodes.

This one, however, is REALLY getting my goat. I think I’ve ripped about 6 or 8 times by now…varying inches…enough so that I’ve tried starting again with the second ball cause the first one’s first couple yards are looking twisty.

Tried doing the technique of alternating size 13 & size 35 needle. Don’t do it with this stuff…worked OK on a merino wool combined with Berrocco Softy, but NOT this. The edges were just too wonky. Now I’m trying a small tube and planned on doing the “magic scarf” routine. Actually swatched it & thought it’d work out. OK, so started out for real and it’s lookin pretty good (having taught myself magic loop with the help of the video here) when about 6 or 8 inches into it, I notice 2 horrible worms at the bottom sticking out about 2" each. I cannot abide this (perfectionist that I am), so I frog AGAIN! Now I’m trying 2 circulars, I cast on, do one row & I’ve got to frog AGAIN. Woe is me. Making a lousy scarf SHOULD NOT be this frustrating!!! :hair:



P.S. I WILL make this work! I WILL NEVER use chenille again.

i must admit that i learned to knit with chenille. i loved the feel, so i had to have it. i’ve made two scarves with it and found that it’s easier on bamboos.
it does start to get thin if you have to rip back. i only had one break but it was because i was knitting too tight.
i really like it for a chunky garter stitch scarf.