Oh Crud! I can't be the 1st person to do this to their afghan, right?

So I’m working on an afghan, and its been coming along pretty well. Albeit slowly. Size 15 needles, double stranded baby acrylic yarn. A very simple knit so many, pearl so many pattern to make blocks.

I’m near the end of my second row of blocks. And discovered that at one end of the blanket, I have 24 rows. In the middle, 22. At the end, 20. The first set (row) of blocks is fine.

I’m guessing that getting my eight hours of sleep spread out over three nights is not helping my knitting, :zombie: and that at some point I obliviously picked it up and started knitting the wrong direction. Twice. :zombie:

I’m at the “short” end now. Can I just knit back to the “right” end? I’d have to knit back to the point where the count is right, and wrap and go back the way I came. And then do it again. Right? Knit in the pattern until I go through the block with 22 stitches, which would even up that end. Knitting into that block would give it 23, and out again would give it 24.

That would give the blocks with 20 rows, 22 rows. Then I’d have to knit back through those blocks with 22 rows, which going in would give those blocks 23, and out again would be 24.

And then I’d end up at the same end I’m on now, with 24 rows in each block.

Right? :think:

Or am I better off frogging? :think:

I don’t know… I think it might look odd if you do that, but I’ve never done it. I guess it’s worth a try and if doesn’t look right you can frog it back.

Personally I’d frog it now and consider it a lesson learned. So you don’t do this again always remember that the working yarn should be coming from the right needle. Another good practice is to always knit to the end of the row instead of stopping in the middle. :thumbsup:

You could try it, but there may be holes where you knit your row in the wrong direction, and where you turn to do the other short rows to fill it in.

I agree with Jan. Anything you do at this point to avoid frogging is probably just going to make it worse. I’d frog it now and call it a less learned. I learned the “yarn from the right needle” and “always knit to the end of the row” lessons the hard way too…I think most of us did!

Good luck!

I would go back too. It is even more frustrating to try to finish and then realize it doesn’t look right after even more work completed.

Alas I would frog too. When I was starting to knit and would forget which way to go, I would put a red needle holder on the left, and a green one on the right.

That might help,

bear hugs

I’ve done it too and tried to keep going and it did leave holes :frowning: I’d frog to the mistake and start over.

You wouldn’t need to rip it all the way apart, just go back to where you have 20 rows, insert the needle (or a smaller one) and unknit the last row, and start from there.

Thanks, guys. :heart::heart::heart:

Sounds like a frog it is…

So I’m at the “short” end now. So I need to remove the needle and pull the stitches, then insert another needle into that row 19, right? To keep everything straight? And then keep threading it through as I pull the stitches?

Its 160 bulky, double-stranded stitches per row, so I’m worried about dropping them all over the place in this process. :think:

On the upside, I got 6 straight hours of sleep last night, a record for the last few weeks. :woohoo:Things are looking up!

Yes, just insert that needle and add a new st to it as you slowly pull the yarn out of each st. Just get them back on as long as you’ve got one strand on the needle, you should be good. Don’t worry if some go back on the needle twisted, you can straighten them out again as you reknit the row.

Thanks guys! No knitting for me, then, for a few days, and I’m itching to! Can’t be falling-over tired when I’m pulling all those stitches out. >sigh<

I did this with a scarf, but only have one row difference. I just kept going. I figured know one would know but me…and my boyfriend because I told him.