Oh boy, this will be a dangerous tangent of knitting

I spent about $40 and $20 at Joann’s and Hobby Lobby today on beading stuff for making my own decorative stitch markers. At Joann’s they had 40% off their knitting accessories, so I did get some bamboo circulars, and a copy of Vogue Knitting with my 50% off coupon. They had 40% off a lot of their beading stuff too, so I bought a lot there, including a set of 5 jeweler’s pliers for $6.99

They also had 50% off a lot of their beading stuff at Hobby Lobby too, so I picked up more there, plus beads in different colors they were out of at Joann’s. I really love blue and silver together, and they didn’t seem to have much in the blue I wanted at Joanns, but I did get a some purple stuff, and I think 3 packages of 6 toggles for only $1.19 each! I got the blue stuff at Hobby Lobby.

And today’s a rainy, cold day, perfect for doing some knitting and beading! :happydance:

I know exactly what you mean!! I got sucked into the beading thing, too! :wink: It just isn’t the same to knit without a little bling in your stitch markers. :sunglasses:


I just don’t need to know about beading, I really don’t… :rofling:

and then beads start creeping from your stitch markers into your knitting, and you know that’s REALLY dangerous. Then you have to do a beaded scarf, or a beaded bag, for goodness sake. Stop it, stop it now, before it’s too late :mrgreen: !

Oh Dear-- :rollseyes: I’m afraid I don’t have a JoAnn’s or Michael’s near–but WalMart carries some of the basic beading things. Well–I spent about 10 bucks there the other day, but I can make 25 or 30 markers with just what I got!! I know this picture isn’t very clear–but I’m afraid I’ve got the fever–but ONLY for the stitchmarkers, ya’ll!!! I Am NOT going to g
et beading on th :wink: e brain full time!! :shock: Can’t afford to do both! :shock:

BUT–it was fun! :smiley: :smiley:

Those are gorgeous!! :inlove: :inlove:




Next new forum for KH is going to be one with help NOT going on to another thing. :wink: I just ordered sock yarn-and now some needles for that and now this beading thingy. Hmmmmmmmmm, wouldn’t some beads on the top edge of the granddaughters socks be cute?

There’s days where I simply can not go anywhere NEAR the craft department at work!!! Would you call it bead-dicted if I have a listing of the UPCs of the beads I have already bought at work so that I don’t buy them again? :roflhard: :roflhard:

:heart: the stitch markers! Do you use jump rings to make stitch markers? :shock: I soooo do not need another hobby!!!

Oh, it sounds like you’re going to have so much fun. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby or a Joanns, or a Micheals in our little town…but then again, maybe it’s a blessing that we don’t. :XX:

I’ve done a lot of beading over the past couple of years…it’s a great way to make very nice Christmas presents (much like knitting)…I got burnt out on it at christmas time though…haven’t beaded much since. The stitch markers are nice but it seems like it’d get in the way…???

Quite the opposite in fact, I find. When I use little loops of yarn, they never seem to go where I want them to, and get in the way when I’m trying to make a stitch. The little round plastic ones… well they tend to fly off into oblivion when transferring them from one needle to another… never to be heard from again {unless it’s the item dislodged from all the hair wrapped around the rug beater in the vacuum}. The loop that’s on the needle is large enough that it moves freely back and forth on the needle, and small enough that it doesn’t get in the way of making a stitch. The beads on it give it weight so that it’s not flipping all over the place with a mind of its own. And they never cease to get an array of compliments either! :wink: :thumbsup:

I have a box of beads waiting to beaded into my knitting. I am scared to start doing it though!

It looks easy when Lily Chin does it. Then again, everything looks easy when Lily Chin does it… :rollseyes: