Oh boy, i need a master sock knitter here!

WHAT DID I DO? This is a new one on me.

I must’ve been completely out of it. NO MORE KNITTING ONE SOCK AT A TIME! I’VE LEARNED MY LESSON!

I finished one blue sock. Ok, it’s a k1,p1 ribbing for the leg part then, the heel is supposed to be regular stockinette. So I begin the 2nd sock heel and notice it’s mush smaller and tighter than the first one. I look at the first sock, and it’s this beautiful sort of ribbing but not really, coz THERE’S NO PURL IN THERE. I ripped out the 2nd sock heel, started over with a bigger needle size thinking maybe that’s what I did.

But, no, if you look closely at the stitches they look twisted. Did I do that??? (maybe you can’t see it clearly enough, but it’s sort of ribbed like the top but not small stockinette like below it when I go into doing the bottom of the sock)

So I’m in the process now of doing the heel again with the bigger needle and believe it or not, I’m knitting one, then a twisted knit (k into back), then k1, etc. Twisted every other stitch. AM I GOING CRAZY?

I need a master knitter to look at this picture and tell me what you think.
Oh geez. I should be able to look at this and figure it out but…

Looks like I got 33 stumped visitors. I really screwed up! :shock:

For the first heel, did you Slip 1, K1 for the RS rows and Slip 1, purl to the end for the WS rows? And maybe you slipped the stitches knitwise instead of purlwise, so that’s why they look twisted? :??

Wow Julie. I didn’t think of that. OMG! Hmmmmm. Maybe I did do that for some strange reason… It is a common thingy, direction for something I forgot what.

I’m going to go try that on my 2nd sock heel to see what it looks like. THANK YOU for thinking about this, I really appreciate it.

That’s the way a lot of heels are done…I first saw it in Silver’s sock class, and I’ve seen it in a lot of other patterns since. Good luck! :smiley:

JULIE! I just had to say thank you again because you were absolutely right.
I just ripped out all the heel for the THIRD time and redid it that way
k1, slip 1, and it was like the other sock. Then I looked in my sock book and saw I had knit a different sock like that, so I guess I’m not crazy after all,

I had most likely turned to the wrong page, late at night, after some wine!

I’m so happy, you are definitely a master sock knitter. :happydance:

:fingerwag: Step away from the wine whilst knitting socks…

:happydance: I’m glad that was it!!!