Oh boy, do I need help


hi there knitters, I am Latebloomer, I am just over 55 years old and I’m trying to learn how to knit. I have made a few simple toys and now trying my hand at a baby cardigan. I have just hit a brick wall with the following passage from my pattern. I really don’t understand what I have to do. So if any one can clarify it, I would be very grateful.
“ Beg with a K row, cont in st st as folls:
Work 1 row.
Inc 1 st at beg of next row and at same edge on foll 8 rows, then on 2 foll 3rd rows and at same time shaping side seam by inc 1 st at beg of 4th [8th: 8th: 12th] and foll 6th [-: -: -] row. 25 [27: 30: 33] sts.
Inc 1 st at side seam edge of – [next: next: 9th] row. 25 [28: 31: 34] sts.“


Can you please tell us the name of the pattern and include a link if possible? Even if three pattern was purchased or in a book it helps to see it.


I will assume that you are REALLY a beginner; don’t know you, and don’t want to offend.
St st = stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl the next. Knit one row, purl the next etc.)
The brackets refer to the size you are making. Example 2[4,6,8], would mean if you are making size 2 follow all the stitch numbers outside the brackets. If size 4, the first set of numbers inside the brackets, and so on.
Begin with a knit row
On the next row, a purl row you will increase one stitch. I would recommend using a marker so you don’t confuse yourself which side you are on…increase on the next row, and the next row, and the next row(same side) nine times. The first increase, and the next 8 =9. I would also keep a little scribbled chart, at so you can cross off th increases as you do each one. Gotta go…Good luck, YOU can do this! Hope this gets you started. :blush: