Oh Bah!

Has anyone else had a problem with the KP Harmony’s breaking in half while knitting with them?? I’ve heard about the cable join coming loose from the needle but I haven’t heard of them breaking in half! I was working on a hat today, knitting right along when I noticed a difference in the needle…I thought the join came off but when I looked at the needle, it was broken in half! :frowning: I e-mailed KP about getting a replacement and hope I hear back from them soon!

Bummer! I don’t have harmonies, but I have had a bamboo break. Tension on wood is hard on it sometimes. Annoying, but they will replace it. :hug:

Ah that bites…me thinks I will have to be more gental with my harmonys now!!

I had a pair of the Harmonys in size US4 and I was so afraid of snapping them in half during a project. They seemed too fragile for the k2tog and it was slowing me down as I worried whether or not they would break. I wound up giving them to a lady who had a puppy eat her Harmonys. :biting: She was so happy to be able to replace one of the sets. I know they’re in a good home. :knitting: I also have a pair of the straights in size US7 and they seem far less fragile so I’m keeping them. They’re so pretty!

Wow! Nope I haven’t heard of that either. I have quite a few of them. In fact I’m playing with an ornament pattern now on the 6’s and cabling is involved so it gets pretty tense. Hope they don’t break on me! I hadn’t even thought of that.

The only one I’ve broken was a size 0 dpn. Felt like knitting w/a toothpick anyway :(. Since then, I only use metal for anything smaller than a US size 2.

Haven’t had any trouble with the Harmony needlesbreaking, and I knit pretty tightly. But, have had the wooden(birch)Brittany crack–the smaller sizes when working on socks–so just took superglue and repaired it, sanded lightly and was good to go. Have had Harmonys come out of the metal part, and again, super glue to the rescue. Hope you get replacements ok. linknit41

I am getting a replacement! :thumbsup: I’m wondering if possibly the needle itself was weak…It was a really clean break, and, this is the first time I’ve used the size 6 needles in the Harmony set! I had been knitting for half an hour tops when it broke…Here’s a pic of the break…Not quite in half but close enough…lol

I have not had any break on me yetCrossed Fingers but I have only activly used my size 3 dpns. I currently am starting a sock on size 2 and I am so afraid I am going to break them (i have chubby hands)that I was thinking about getting the nickle plated ones.

Sorry to hear that.
Guess I won’t consider buying those.

Honestly, even though the needle broke, I still love these needles and would recommend them. The cables are so smooth and the yarn glides so easily along both the cables and needles, and, I just love the feel of them! Their customer service has been excellent as well. I don’t know if it was a defective needle or I was grasping the needle too tightly (I still find myself having to loosen up my grip because my hands start tingling…lol) or what, but, these are still some of my most fav needles (my other favs being the Brittany DPNs).

Haha…this makes me laugh. White knuckle knitting.

I totally do the same thing… totally…

Yeah, stay tuned for my new show on Spike: UKC - Ultimate Knitting Championship :teehee: