Oh, bad idea!

My hands have been hurting a lot lately, and I have no idea why, but I stopped knitting for more than two weeks in hopes that they would get better (which they did, a little). But then tonight I was watching tv and I just HAD to knit because I haven’t knitted in over two weeks! I put about two inches on the hat I’m working on, but ow ow ow ow ow my hands hurt so much now! So good but such a bad idea!

I just want to knit soooooo bad and I can’t! Grrrr mad at life. And that hat won’t knit itself, you know.

(Sorry, wanted to complain.)

My hands hurt a bit when I was using metal needles, but now with the bamboo they seem fine. I’m using plastic for the sock, but it’s only the sharp points stabbing my fingertips that sometimes hurts. :rollseyes:

Try wearing a copper bracelet!

Copper bracelet? What will that do?

[color=blue]Lisa, I went from metal to bamboo as well and it made an incredible difference. I have CT in right hand and have broken several fingers on left hand… so they both hurt with weather changes. The Bamboo is lighter and seems to be more “giving” (hmm that sounds funny lol) :XX:

southern maine[/color]

I feel your pain Sogrammatical! I went on a knitting marathon this summer (I’m a teacher) and when I surfaced for air my hands were claws! What helped me was: forcing myself to take breaks every 20 minutes and stretching, having projects of different needles sizes and switching off regularly, and learning to knit continental so I could switch which hand is carrying the yarn. I usually have one project that I’m knitting English and one continental. I also agree that bamboo is much easier on the hands! Hope you feel better, its awful to not be able to knit, and there’s your yarn and needles just sitting there taunting you!!! :wall:

I wear compression gloves that help when my hands hurt. I have been on & off crutches for over 20 years, so my hands hurt when I’m on them continually for a nice length of time, then knitting sometimes will exasperate the hand pain and I’ve found that they are very helpful. Mine are similar to these, I just picked them up at the pharmacy dept in WalMart or somewhere. I also use paraffin wax therapy on hands & feet…and wherever else I can paint to wax on me bc it’s so helpful for skin & pain. Perhaps one or both of these will help :wink: