Official Ravelry Friends Thread

I’ve decided to start a thread to help us all find each other on Ravelry. There seems to be a million and one “I’m In!” threads and it just seems like it would be more efficient if we had a nice ever growing thread of Ravelry friends that everyone could contribute to.

I am sure nearly everyone here know what Ravelry is, but I should also answer the question just in case: Ravelry is an online Knitting and Crochet community. It has many stellar features, chief among is the ability to look up knit and crochet patterns by category, yarn type, etc, and see user contributed photos and feedback on those patterns. Ravelry also makes it easy to organize your stash, WIPs, FOs, and create a queue of things you want to knit. There’s too many features to list! Overall it’s very impressive and I urge everyone to sign up. Unfortunately, there is a waiting list so it can take a few weeks until you get your invite.

There are other features such as groups and forums (which you’all strictly forbidden from entering. Just kidding :slight_smile: ). You’ll just have to check it out if you haven’t already.

Amy and I finally received our own Ravelry invites a couple weeks ago. Yeah, I know, we’re slow. Actually, we’ve had an account for knittinghelp since early July, but we recently decided we wanted our own! So here’s our info:

[INDENT]I’m [B]Sheldon[/B]-not too many sheldon’s out there!
Amy is [B]AmyKH[/B] -way too many amy’s out there!
Our shared username is [B]KnittingHelp[/B]

Admittedly, we’ve been too busy to deck out our profiles. But feel free to add us as friends and we’ll return the gesture. Also, while you are there please join the KnittingHelp Group which was formed early on by some members of this forum. The group is closing in on 500 KH members!

Okay, enough of my blather. Ravelry mingle amongst yourselves!

P.S. I am not going to bother making this a sticky. I think it will be pretty active on it’s own :slight_smile:


I’m boo1


Feel free to add me to your friends list if I’m not there already. I am sinistralneedler.

Superb idea. I’m TheKnittingGuy there.

Amy needs to add a profile pic.

Sounds like a great idea. Please feel free to add me as a friend.
I will be very slow to flesh out my info as a lot of my yarn and patterns are stored in my barn. That and I spend most of my surfing time here at KH.:grphug:

I’m Jens~ sorry my site is not intresting…yet (hopefully!!)

I’m dustinac on there too… :thumbsup:

I have a lot of you already, but feel free to add me and I’ll do the same!

marykz please add me to your friends! I love seeing what everyone is doing, and que-ing, and blogging.

I’m GinaKnits. Feel free to “friend” me!

emmaknits over there too, would love to have everyone as a friend!

Sheldon already said this, but I’m AmyKH on Ravelry. I’ve got a profile pic now, just added it.

What a great reference site. I don’t know if I’ll use the stash features, but I’ve been using the pattern and yarn cross-reference feature. Sooooo awesome. :happydance:

I’m SabrinaJL over there.

I’m chrislt8 over there too - the more friends the merrier!

I’m RunningMommy on ravelry :slight_smile:

I’m KnitterMom9 on Ravelry, and I’m still working on getting photos up–not enough time to do everything! After Christmas,I’ll have more time to set it up.

I’m Yarnrainbow on Ravelry also. I’ve added everyone in this thread so far. I’ve sent out so many invitations this evening it feels like we’re having a party!! :cheering: :woot: The more friends the merrier!!

I’m Spikey over there, too.

I’m [B]KBelle[/B]. Feel free to add me! :hug:
(Someone already took “Silver”. :verysad:)

I’m alleusion there as well. I added everyone up to this point, so I can stalk…I mean … never mind I mean stalk you all better!