Office Swatching

I really hate swatching. I understand its value, but I really hate taking the time to do it when I could just plow into the fun stuff. Alas, I know I need to, so I brought a swatch to work on to the office today, thinking i’d get to it at lunch. Well, I’ve been sneaking in a row here and a row there in between e-mails an meetings, and now I feel that office swatching is the best thing ever! It’s the nice knitting relief I crave during the workday without actually working on a project and neglecting your job! Now I know the perfect way to get my swatches done–do them at work!

lucky you!! i don’t think that would go over too well in my office…

:hiding: sigh i must confess something right here and now. i have not once made a swatch yet. the lady who taught me didn’t tell me anything about gauge…just the stitches. now as it is, i haven’t made anything that really required a swatch…scarves…scarves…more scarves…and some blankets. but the time i was going to be good and sit and do a swatch just to try to get into the habit i got very annoyed because i felt like i was wasting time…especially since i don’t knit that fast or have that much time to knit anyway. some day…some day i will force myself to be a good little knitter and do it…when i am tired of making scarves…sigh :wall:

I haven’t made any swatches yet either. I’ve made a few scarves, a purse, a hat, dishcloths, and now I’m working on placemats…

One day, I too, shall swatch :smiley:

I don’t swatch like yer supposed to. I just knit a few inches, take a coupla measurments then rip out and start my project. Most of the time though I can just eyeball the yarn and know what needle size I’m gonna need and what the gauge is anyway. I knit with a lot of the same stuff. See there you. Only knit with one yarn and the same size needles! :cheering:

I swatch only for my bigger projects like sweaters and stuff. But I’m not mechanical about it, if I’m a little, so what!

But I do knit at work sometimes, I take my ‘handbag’ to the loo when really its my ‘knittingbag’.


I have never swatched either. So far most of what I have done didn’t need to “fit” I would swatch if I were to do a sweater or other clothing that needed to fit.

I am just very impatient…Probably why I haven’t attemped a sweater yet. I always want my projects done! I can’t wait to see the finish product!


Off topic for a second:

omg, I use that word all of the time! My friend (the one with the huge stash) used to live in England and I picked it up from her.

On topic now…