Office Blues/Rather Be Knitting

ok, what does this tell you? I’m supposed to be working on a report for a client. But I’m sitting in my little office … raining and wind advisory outdoors (nice winter Pacific storm) … and it is all I can do to sit here and focus and stop thinking about running out to my car and driving over to Rumplestilkskein’s in downtown Sacramento. On such a gloriously nice winter day (I love winter storms) I’d just rather be at home by the fire … KNITTING!

whew, I feel better now. Back to the report.

I pout for you! :frowning: I know the feeling!

I had such a hard time today because my computer had a virus at work and I couldn’t check KH! How can I work without my KH update? And then I had to sit for 30 minutes and wait for the virus scan to work–I could have been knitting! I feel your pain. :wink:

I watch the clock waiting until my am break, lunch, and pm break so I can dash off a couple rows.
Sigh… my job sux hee-haw…

But, I at least soothe myself with comforting knitting daydreams… :thumbsup:

I understand… I have a MOUNTAIN of grading to do since it’s the end of the semester, but i find myself wanting to knit when i get home instead of grading. It’s like a compulsion. I hate grading so much that i avoid it :thumbsup: Knitting is my “naughty” substitute. :lol:


I have the same problem. Work just keeps getting in the way of my knitting - as does cooking, cleaning, laundry, and driving the kids to their various (four nights a week) activities! Not only am I dying to just sit and knit all day BUT I’m really having a fight with myself about buying some yarn. I want to either go online shopping or go to the LYS to go crazy with yarn! I don’t even have projects in mind!!!

Me too - this work thing sucks, they should just give us our money so that we can buy more yarn!!!

I have been SO GOOD all semester. Homework comes before knitting and I have put knitting aside to plan ahead for my big projects. But now that the semester is almost over, I’m anticipating having time to knit and it’s distracting me from my work! 2 more weeks and then nirvana…

hey Racerkatie, hello from fella Nor Cal-er, I’m in Sunnyvale! :waving:
so y’all got the windy rainies in Sac too, huh. I was inside all day yesterday (no good windows) from 0715 to 1730 and I didn’t get to peek outside. but CV told me he got some serious thunder and lightning up in Palo Alto.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yep. One more week till winter break. I use all my prep time to knit or check KH! I wish I could knit in class while the kids are working. But alas, I don’t think that would go over well! :slight_smile:

Okay Femi, I am curious. Why are you knitting socks for Mike Rowe?

Thank you all for your sympathy. I did survive and I just figured I’d find people here with the same “illness” I was experiencing. ha ha ha

I left my office a little early yesterday and made it over to Rumples’s before heading home through the traffic. Found yarn to make my racing buddy a hat. It is a Kathmandu Aran from Italy that is a blend of merino, silk and a little cashmere. He is nearly bald and I thought he’d want something soft.

I am an accountant, and every day I have to account for my time in 6 minute billable or non billable increments…in other words I have to account for practically every minute of my day.

I believe there should be a “crafting” code. That would cover all of us in the office who fritter away minutes on the net checking out their forums and patterns and the like!!!

:roflhard: I’d vote for it, but only if us stay at homes also qualified for it. I haven’t had time to knit for 3 days until last night. I had to knit like crazy to make up for lost time. My mother seems to think knitting is all I do. It doesn’t matter what time it is. If I pick up the needles to knit a row or 2 between projects that is when she comes in. She actually told my husband that the reason I didn’t get the dishes done (while he was doing them) was that I spent the day knitting. Forget about the 2 hours I spent helping dd with her Art project. The fact that the rest of the house was clean and I was knitting while I cooked lunch. The only time that day I knitted. (hubby did look at me and roll his eyes after she told him. he knows how busy I am and that he hasn’t been called on to look at fo so he knows I am not getting any knitting finished.) End of rant. :smiley:

Smack that mother of yours! Does she not remember what its like? I was a SAHM when my kids were younger and my circumstances were different, and its no easy thing! I have huge respect for those who take it a step further and home school. Huge.