Off topic but had to share

This is Tim, my foster cat, sleeping.

he’s a little peculiar.

Since cats are peculiar and I don’t want to say you’re being redundant I must suppose he’s even more peculiar than usual. :teehee: Is he a speed bump? DD had a speed bump. He’d let you step on him rather than move.

he’s more of an interventionist.

I was going to iron, but he got in the way. I’ve had MANY cats, but never seen one sleep like that before, like he’s dislocated his leg. he’s happy though, so I guess that’s what counts. :slight_smile:

he looks like my boy:knitting:

Almost human. Adorable. :slight_smile:

its even freakier when both front legs are bent back.
he’s a sweetheart.

Tim went out for an adopt-a-cat day (again) yesterday. he’s such a love here at home. BUT.

He spent the entire day growling, spitting, and snatching at people through the cage bars with claws out. He was brought back home, and the upshot is, he’s MINE! haha! I get to keep him. for free. no adoption fee.

But I do a lot of volunteer work for them, and donate to their sales and fundraisers as much as I can. So its a fair exchange. (except of course, I got the WAY better end of the deal…)

for their next fundraiser , they’ll get basket o’cats to try and sell, and I’ll make a cookie basket they can raffle off.

I still have one other foster cat for them, who is very mellow. He spent yesterday curled up in a ball, sleeping.

this is Sheba.
The last foster cat was adopted just after my last post. At the New Year, Sheba was brought to me. She lost her lifetime owner Christmas Eve, to cancer.

She has been hiding under the bed ever since. She is angry, scared, lost, comes out only when I’m not there to eat, and use the cat box.

She’s been hissing, spitting, and very free with her teeth and claws.

I came home from work two nights ago, made a snack, turned around and there she was , in the hall!!!

so we’re making progress. She is tiny, less than 5 pounds, 11-12 yrs. old, and has extra toes on each foot. awesome. :slight_smile:

how odd! it acame out upside down!!!

That’s odd that it came out upside down!! :noway:

That’s great that Sheba is starting to calm down and accept that she’s in a good place. :inlove:

Well, it’s a wonderful picture anyway.
She’s a sweet looking cat and your patience is helping her adjust.