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What brand/style bra do you find to be most comfortable? I’m tired of shelling out big bucks for bras that bind. I know its off topic but it supports our knitted sweaters!! :rollseyes:

I found a new cross my heart bra, thats soft cupped, but very nice support. It is all 100% cotton with double layer fabric (no more peek throughs on cold days…lol) Iam an ample build girl so support is important to me.

OK so I see that won’t work as a poll! :oops:

I’m happy with mine…it has lots of stretch, stretch, stretch!! Very comfy. :smiley: I’ts made by Bali.

mine are underwire by cheokee (bought at target) … i like them comfortable and good support … sometimes I feel like :wall: when it comes to bra buying …

I wear a “regular” bra that has soft cups no underwires and a side “stabilizer” (soft boning). I own 5. 2 are ratty and old and I wear them only when I know I am going to be at the house. The other 3 are new, never have seen the inside of a dryer and still “hold up.” The color? Blush. Why blush? Because you can’t see a blush colored shirt through a white blouse as well as a white bra. (I learned this from Oprah!) Because no one has perfectly white skin, the color difference between our skin (except for those with the darkest darkest skins) is less between with a blush bra than compared to a white bra. Thus when you put on a white shirt over a white bra you can see the difference between bra and skin.

Oh and if you have never used a professional fitter before DO SO! Seriously, the difference in how well a bra fits and how it feels is truly interdependent! And find a PROFESSIONAL bra fitter, not just someone who has a “bra fitter certificate.” Sometimes nicer lingerie stores have a professional fitter that comes in once or twice a year. They will find the bra that fits you best and is most comfortable for you. A 34C isn’t always a 34C. HOw I wish there was a standard in bra sizes!

Victoria’s Secret - Secret Embrace. It’s their newest bra.
Victoria’s Secret

It’s the best bra I’ve ever worn and I’ve tried them all.

I would recommend being refitted too. I was always a 36D and now I’m a 34D in those bras all of a sudden.

Isn’t it amazing that they are SO many different bras in the stores. I mean hundreds and yet we are luck if you find two that are really comforable. :rollseyes:

Ugh. I hate bra shopping. In fact I hate bras in general. I can’t wait till it gets dark out and I can put on my nighty! :lol: So I don’t have an answer, but I’m looking, too.

I have recently found Victoria’s Secret “Body by Victoria Unlined full coverage bra” to be a good fit for me. Fairly comfy (for a bra :rollseyes: ), nothing poking/pinching and it comes in my size (34DD) for a reasonable amount of money ($36, on sale for $27-28 several times a year online). I second the suggestion of having a professional fitter help you out, and try on lots of style. Even if they claim they are the same size, each style fits slightly differently which may be enough to go from way to tight/loose to just right. Good luck searching!

Since I am a plus size, the only bras that actually fit correct are from these from Lane Bryant. I always hand wash and hang dry.

This and not wearing a given bra on consecutive days are suppose to increase the life of bras that use the newer fabrics.

One of my favorite brands is Wacoal. They have D and DD cup sizes that fit great and are pretty, too.

Well that about hand-washing was news to me, but makes sense. I never put bras in the drier anyway, but Victoria’s Secret says to dry them by laying them flat on a towel! Hmmm I guess they won’t stretch that way.

Looks like 2 recommendations come from there - we have one at our little tiny mall here so will probably go tomorrow.

Thanks ladies, I will also ask for a fitting, not sure it I’ll get a qualified fitter though.

:thumbsup: Laura

There is a Bali/Hanes outlet in the next town, so I usually go there. I prefer unpadded (don’t need any help there) underwire bras. Preferably smooth. I also wear a 34 DD, but have changed a lot over the years. My grandma took me to be fitted when I was in high school. It was embarassing as a teen, but beneficial. I think it probably saved me a lot of backaches. (I was a DD then, too :shock: unfortunately for me in co-ed PE!!!)


Wacoal! They cost a fortune but worth every penny.

Since gaining some weight, my boobies are huge (DD). I decided that if Wacoal worked for Oprah, it might work for me!! :roflhard:

It’s the best I have found so far.

I wear a 32 FF, so all the bras I buy have to be imported from England. I’ve found some good deals on eBay, but for the most part I just go with what I have. I find that in order to be comfortable, I have to have nearly complete cup coverage, and in order to have enough support, I have to fasten the band really tight.

I’m getting a reduction for my 37th birthday, in 11 years.


Bras, ugh. I am not a big girl by any means (boob wise I should say) But when I went on the pill 6 months ago they decided to get bigger. I went from a 34C to a 34D. Well for the life of me I must have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right bra. They always seem to fit in the dressing room, but once I get home and actually wear it for a day it gets all big and droopy on me. Arg!!

Then I was at kohls one day and thought I’d try those 18-hour bras. I didn’t think it would work since I wasn’t very big, but thought what do I have to lose? Plus they were on sale. Well it worked! No more ride up. I had tried going down to a 32D and that was quite restrictive. :shock: Nothing I could find would just stay put and support me. Then when I tried it on, my boobs actually lifted to the appropriate level!! :roflhard: I said to my hubby, are my boobs higher than normal?? He’s like, yeah, they are. :rofling:

But it was wonderful, well now that I’m on a new pill my boobs are shrinking again!! I just can’t win. And they don’t go down to a B. Plus I’m lopsided in that region. So one side fits perfect the other is a little looser. :rollseyes:

I hate bras.

Oh, and yes I did have a fitting at Nordstroms.

Vicky’s IPEX bras.
I :heart: them.

Oh my! I wanna know what you said :oops: