Off Topic....Book

I hesitate to recommend a book as we all have different likes, but, this is a great read.

It is a true story over years of a marriage. Life.

The book is called…
Marley and Me.

Oh a good one!! :cheering:

I bought this for my mum at Christmas, I have it here now so I can read it too. Mum said it made her laugh out loud and cry at some bits. She really enjoyed it. She doesn’t read very much but she read this and couldn’t put it down.


I just requested it from my library! Thanks! :muah:

It is a good book, but a warning, you will cry as much as you will laugh, at least I did.
It’s definately for pet lovers too!

What a great book! I agree with everyone so far–I laughed as much as cried. I absolutely love reading about dogs–probably because DH and I both work full time and are out of the house from 6:30 to 5 and can’t have one of our own right now! So I have to live vicariously through books like this. :teehee:

This was a great book!!! I read it some time ago…I was intrigued, because I have two Labs, and knowing how crazy Labs can be, I wanted to see what made this guy’s Lab worse than mine! :teehee:

Ursula, you’re right–it’s a book about life more than just a book about the dog. The guy that wrote it is a great storyteller. He’s supposed to be writing another book I believe about growing up Irish Catholic, and I anticipate that book will be as well written as “Marley”.