Off to school he goes!

My son started kindergarten today :cry:. He’s growing up so fast! I had a garage sale on Saturday to get rid of all the baby stuff. It’s just so hard to go from looking at the clothes he wore when he was 2 days old to him getting on the school bus in just a few short days!

Here’s his picture as he leaves me for the first of MANY school days in his lifetime!


Aww! It’s both such and exciting and sad time. There’s so much to look forward to like the things they make for you, holiday plays and parties and the MANY new things they learn, but, at the same time it’s a hard slap in the face knowing your “baby” isn’t your baby anymore!

My daughter started 1st grade this year and it was really weird on her first day of school, seeing all the kindergarteners, how little they look and thinking my goodness, it was only last year my daughter looked that little! Amazing the changes within only a year!

I have always homeschooled. My oldest will be 18 in a few months. He and his sister have started public school over the last few years (a junior and senior this year). However, this year my “baby” will be going to public school. She’ll be a freshman. I totally believe in homeschool, but I know when to get out. The math was too frightening this year, lol. Anyway, this will be the first time since ds was born that I will have any real kid free time! We have always taken them everywhere with us. I promised dd that I wouldn’t get a job, at least this semester, so that I would be available if she really needs me for something since she really isn’t very sure about the whole thing. I think that I going to have empty nest really bad in a few weeks:waah: about 5 years early!

Kelly, he’s so cute! Congratulations on getting them all this far. Isn’t it fun to watch them grow?

Brightspot, we homeschooled also. It didn’t work for DS to go back to a public HS when he tried, so he stayed home and did the last two years of HS and first two years of college at the same time, tested out, and has gone on from there to more college, which he does great in. No worries, you’ll know if it’s a good thing or not for them to go to a public school.

Aww! That will be me in a month. My dd is starting pre-K and insists she wants to take the bus. Me, I’m not so sure but I have to let her try it.

Look at that precious little boy, and that great big bus! I love how he’s kind of looking back at you. Did he like his first day?

My youngest started kindergarten today. I took him there and will pick him up- he’ll start riding the bus next week. I have pictures but haven’t downloaded them yet.

I was fine- it’s when he rides the bus that I will have a rougher time- if it’s the same with him. I keep remembering his sister struggling up those bus steps. (now she’s in 7th and in the eyerolling phase- she just trudges up them every morning!)

Our babies are growing up. sigh :waah:

My son started 2nd grade today and I don’t know why but I had a harder time today than the other first days of school…Roo will start kindergarten next year and I told JD I will be a sobbing mess :teehee:

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR LITTLE MAN! And all the kids starting new grades.

It really is bittersweet as they mature. I feel so proud of the little people they are becoming and so sad to see just how quickly time really does fly. I am freaked out that my oldest is going into 5th grade. They have middle school here so that means he is at the top of the school one of the big kids. Seems like only yesterday I was dropping him off for K (I didn’t even let him ride the bus until 2nd grade :aww: ) At the same time it seems like forever ago and I can hardly even think of him being that small. My middle DS is going into 2nd and my baby will be in her last year of preschool.
For me the stress for her this year is that I have decided to allow her to ride the bus. The school is less than 3 minutes away by car and she will always have a friend with her because I babysit another girl that goes there as well. But it still is stressing me out a bit.

Grant loves school. He’s pretty worn out by the end of the day though. They encouraged us to let them ride the bus the first few weeks to get into the habit. We had back-to-school night the day before so he already left his stuff there, met his teacher, and all that stuff. He likes waiting for the bus with the older kids too :slight_smile: Since he’s the oldest and most of our friends have younger kids or his age, it’s a rarity for him to hang out with older kids.


I feel your pain. My son just started high school on Monday, and I had a few tears the night before. He’s my youngest; my daughter is a junior this year. I remember his first day of kindergarten. I was a SAHM and missed him terribly. I went to our local ice cream shop and ordered my favorite treat and cried in front of the owner. :teehee:

:hug: to you.

AWW! My oldest started pre-k last friday. I think it helped that I had to bring her to school in the morning. But I waited for the bus for an hour that afternoon(45 were before her school even let out!); I was so anxious. I was going to do a garage sale for all the baby stuff before school started, but you have made me so glad I didn’t!! I definitely would have cried when I dropped her off.

He is so cute! Good luck!

The first day of kindergarten for my son was 9/11. I didnt get to cry for him. BUt he went to a differnt school for 1st grade and it was an uneventful day. So I got to be sad for him (well me really) then. Every time he switches to a new school I get nervous for him. He’s starting 7th grade in a few weeks but he was new last year so it won’t be so traumatic this year. He got all the classes he asked for! So this should be a good year.

:hug: :hug: Oh, I know the situation. I sent my second son to college today and cried big tears. Doesn’t matter what the age is, it’s such a huge change. :sad:

Your little guy is adorable, btw.