Off Subject - need input

This has nothing to do with knitting; I hope y’all don’t mind that I rant.

I was recently asked to run an errand for the company that employs me. The converstion went like this:

Job: “Jane Doe” (that’s me :wink: ), can you make a run to Office Depot?"

Jane Doe: No.

Job: Oh, are you in the middle of something?

Jane Doe: No, but my car is not for company use.

Job: Oh, ok.

Those were the verbatim words. I spoke quite cordially and even slightly smiled. I didn’t get the impression that “Job” was angry, but a bystander later said to me that she wished she could have said what I said. I wasn’t quite sure how to take that. :? My thought was that my car is just that … my car, not the “company car”. I know that companies typically offer mileage reimbursment, but “Job” did not counter my “no” with such an offer, so that gave me the impression that mileage reimbursement wasn’t even on the table. And even if “Job” did offer, I still wouldn’t have done it because …
:arrow: #1. I don’t want to make a habit of using my car for company business,

:arrow: #2. The mileage isn’t worth the paperwork for reimbursement, yet I’m totally not doing such errands for free, and …

:arrow: #3. If the mileage was worth it, I don’t [color=red]%100[/color] trust that
…a) I would get reimbursed in a timely manner and
…b) I would get reimbursed at all (after all, I was paid late once last year… hmmm?? :roll: )

Anyhoo … I thought I handled that situation quite well, but “Bystander’s” comment makes me second guess myself. :oops: Anyone have any thoughts to chime in?

you did good… with the price of gas now a days (i dont drive but i hear)… i dont now how far you are from the store but it adds up and thats money our of your pocket

ekgheiy, I have an American friend here who says the following to me whenever I feel guilty about something that I shouldn’t feel bad about:

Honey, you don’t have to do anything except pay taxes and die. Beyond that, tell them to take a hike!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

It think it’s pertinent advice here too. :wink: Don’t feel bad, OK? If anyone should feel bad, it’s the person who was pressuring you.

I don’t see anything wrong with saying no. I noticed that “Job” also didn’t offer the use of a company vehicle i.e. “job’s” car. :wink:

you did right and don’t feel guilty! If Job needed the errand done so urgently s/he couldn’t have taken their own car.

Why didn’t JOB run the errand? If you had said yes i think you would find yourself in YOUR CAR running alot of errands.

Good for you. Say NO the next time too!

I don’t think the bystander meant that you were doing anything wrong, I think the bystander was trying to say that he/she didn’t have the guts to say what you did.

To answer your question, though, if it’s not in your job description…forget it! There’s a fat line between going above and beyond and being the office gopher. The other day it might have been Office Depot, tommorow it might be Starbuck’s…next thing you know you’ll spend more time in your car then at the office.

Been there, done that, have husbands gas bill to prove it.

My 2 cents…Denise

Yeah, I know about those gas prices! It now takes $20 to fill my tank. I remember only needing $11 to fill my little Nissan a few years ago! A couple people have traveled hundreds of miles and across state lines for the company in their own personal vehicles!! That could totally not be me!! It’s much more than just mileage reimbursement … or even gas reimbursment; there’s the increased oil changes, more tire rotations/balancing and heaven forbid you should get a flat tire mid-travel! That stuff is expensive. :shock:

Guts? YAY! I have guts! :shock: :lol: I never thought of myself as having guts! :oops:

Thanks for your input everyone! I feel better, so now I can stop hitting the mental rewind button :wink:

Now onward with Knitting!!! :smiley:

The company would also greatly regret if you (god forbid) got into an accident on their errand. Because technically they could be liable. I’m sure if they thought of that they would NEVER what any employee to do that.

Really? I never considered that.

I did get in an accident while running a company errand on company time in my own vehicle. It was a very small company, and suing would have been counterproductive in many ways, so I decided to let it go.

However, I would recommend never to use one’s own vehicle to run company errands unless it’s part of your contract.

I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning: I can only imagine how infuriating that must have been!

I am so taking all this input to heart!!!

Glad we could help!!! Yes, you do have guts, and I’m personally proud of you…it’s high time employers ‘get it’.

[OT]: I’m dreaming about prices like these! I would pay around 50€ if I fill my tank.[/OT]

And to the topic: You were just right to say so.