Off shoulder sweater

hey everyone…so i’ve looked everywhere that i can possibly think of and googled it as well but i’m looking for a knitting pattern similar to the one that my friend on the right is wearing in the photo or if it was an exact replica i would totally love it…any ideas at all?

always grateful…baby_kittles :knitting:

These aren’t exactly the same, but similar. You may have to sign up to see them.

thank you so much jan!!! the bernat one seems to be really close…just less ribbing and more stitches…it’s the closest one i’ve seen so far…you’re the best!!!

:aww: Thanks, glad I could help.

Here’s another one similar
or Try a search for ‘Boat Neck’.

I love that second one! :inlove:

thanks jints…i keep searching for off-shoulder and not much comes up…i’ll definitely try the “boat neck”!

for anyone who is actually interested in making something similar…thanks to jints with the right terminology…this is the closest one i found…

there were a couple of others…one of them was actually an exact match except thinner stripes…but you had to pay to get the pattern…i figured i’d try this one first…too much of a beginner to go too crazy!

baby_kittles addict!!!