Of Dragons and Knitting

Any fantasy readers out there?

I just started reading the last book in the [I]Inheritance[/I] series by Christopher Paolini and was both amused and impressed with his knitting lingo. He mentions one of his characters knitting and purling, losing count of her stitches, and “tinking back.”

If you know anything about these books, you know they’re very much into dragons and magic and elves and dwarves and battles and such, but I find it refreshing that this young man (who started writing the first book when he was 16 or 17) has his knitting terminology down pat. Of course, his whole family (mom, dad, and sister) all help with the editing, brainstorming, etc. process, so perhaps one of them is the knitting guru in the family!

These books are a great read (if you’re into fantasy) and no wonder, since Paolini seems to have cut his teeth on J.R.R. Tokien, C. S. Lewis, and other famous fantasy writers.

I’m not into fantasy, but that is really cool!

I will have to see if my local library has it!

I am an avid reader and have read those books. Now that I knit, I may have to reread the series. The series will never be a favorite of mine, but they are worth reading if you’re a fan of dragons.