Odessa Hat--FO

Well, I used a diffent yarn but similar in make up to cash soft (or so the lady at the yarn store said so–they didn’t have cashsoft in the color I wanted). It isn’t as tight as I would like, but it will work. I want to make another (cream yarn with light green beads to match my green coat) using the cash soft. Obviously it is too big for my daughter, but it fits fine on me. Unfortunately the beads are too close to the yarn color, but you can still see them.

I love the subtle use of beads, I think it looks fantastic. That pattern is on my list for when fall/winter comes along.

From the smile on your daughter’s face she may not give it back to you. She looks precious. I really like the colors and the hat looks great!

That’s really cute on her and a great color!

How cute! :inlove:

Wow :shock: That’s beautiful! I love the color and I like that the beads are similar to the yarn; they give some more texture. I hope I can find that pattern–love it!

Here’s a link to the pattern in Magknits…http://www.magknits.com/feb06/patterns/odessa.htm

I :heart: love :heart: this hat–it’s also on my short list of projects to knit. And I love the color you chose!

Really beautiful!! I’ve admired this pattern before too!

What was it like to knit with the beads on this?

Adorable…love the hat, too :wink:

Great job! I love that pattern! Your daughter is a cutie!

Great job! :thumbsup:

Thanks gals! It was such an easy pattern.

What was it like to knit with the beads on this?

Quite easy actually. You string them on before you start knitting. The first bead, I think I did wrong, but the second one, I realized how to “push it through to the front” and it was so easy after that. I can’t wait to make another.

very pretty! I’m tempted…

Pretty girl! Nice hat too :slight_smile:

:heart: the hat & I think the beads look amazing!

pretty, pretty! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

love that hat too - its on my list of things to do eventually! Nice job and colour choice :slight_smile:

wonderful job - the hat and your daughter look great! :cheering:

I love the hat! Great job :thumbsup:

Beautiful! Wow!! :thumbsup: