I am dying to get my hands on patterns for these…


sigh I wish I was a creative designer too…

Those are, ummmm…interesting.

I love those hats! They’re cute!!!

I actually got to see her stand at the Sportsman show…or One of a Kind Craft show…and they are really cute…

I just really would prefer to knit one for myself!

You know I am the same way, I see some adorable knit thing but have a hard time buying it because I feel like I should figure out how to do it myself. Plus since people know I knit I have this fear of the awkward situation where someone says “oh that is adorable you did a great job on that” and I have to say "Oh I bought this :aww: " LOL I did manage to do a klein bottle cap for my sister but that’s as odd as I’ve gotten.

OMG those are adorable! I’m totally into making silly hats, so I love seeing I’m not the only one! LOL I couldn’t buy one of her hats, though, as I’d rather just try to make one myself.

Oh me too…I don’t think she is unjust charging the price she is…but I don’t think I need to pay that when I can knit for myself…

Wish they would sell the patterns!!!

I just noticed this forum and saw the Oddwear notes. I’m the creator of the hats/website. It’s neat to see people talking about it. I will be coming out with a pattern book at some point. I love making the hats, but get tired of making the same ones, so once I retire some of the hats from the collection I will produce a book so that they are out there for people.


LOVE the hats, Leanne! :slight_smile:

Hi, Leanne - very creative hats!

:inlove: I love the mohawk!

There are several goofy hats on Ravelry.

the viking hat is on ravelry, easy enough to modify (given the guy shows pics of it in various stages) to go and add ear flaps. The one with horns can be made off the viking hat pattern. You can also check out the Dominitrix’s website for some patterns of hats with horns too.