Odds And Ends Sale-All sold-Thank you

Here are some oddballs that are included in my Destash Sale.

I’m selling The following for $1. per skein:
Woolease Thick & Quick : I have 3 in the color spice. [COLOR=red]Sold-Thank you[/COLOR]
Woolease worsted: 2 in the color Autumn, 2 in Seaspray.
Bernat Lana: This is 100% merino wool. I have 2 in denim. [COLOR=red]Sold-Thank you[/COLOR]

Lion Brand Watercolors: I have 3 in pink petals, and 2 in shell. I’m selling these for 50 cents per skein. [COLOR=red]Sold-Thank you.[/COLOR]

TLC Wiggles: 1 red, 1 blue. also 50 cents per skein.

Oops! I forgot the picture of the watercolors.:aww:

Hi, I pm’d you about the thick n quick and the bernat lana. :thumbsup:

pm’ed you back:)