Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!


I was just wondering if Salt Water Taffy has been completed? I would love to see a picture after it is completed.


funny you should mention that :wink: i just finished it last night and have to take pictures. i’ll post them in the next day or two.
also, cotton candy arrived safely. i picked out yarn this weekend and will get going on that one as soon as sweet dreams is done.


Sorry there was a delay, both Lavender’s Green and Beach Party will be picked up tomorrow to go to Shandeh (I had to wait on something :teehee:)


stagebear… I was wondering if you could post a picture of Salt Water Taffy?



:yay: :happydance: :blooby: :waving: :x: :heart: :woohoo:


Hi Debbie!

The preemie blankets will all be made by the different regions for our Oddball Baby Blankets, so check in the Southeast Region thread to see when preemie blankets will be cast on.

MAmaDawn is handling the Southeast region. :slight_smile:


Aw! Beach Party is turning out so pretty! I feel especially proud of that one!


I was thinking of getting everything up and going well and then adding different size blankets, the hospital we are knitting for can use up to twin size ones… I’m thinking Oct will be when we start the preemie, but you are welcome to knit on the baby blankets if you like…


OK, this post is way, way, way overdue, but better late than never.
I have another finished blanket! Here is Ocean Blues:

And modeled by our resident teddy bear (who is around the size of a couple month old baby):

I sincerely apologize for the length of time I have had this, but I have a pretty good excuse: Shortly after I received the blanket I found out that I am expecting! My knitting rate slowed to a crawl as I battled queasiness and fatigue (but no actual sickness, thank heaven). This has been finished for over a month, but it was set in a pile and forgotten about until recently. :oops: I should be able to finally get it in the mail to Shandeh this weekend.

(and for the curious, my bundle of joy should make his/her appearance in mid-Feburary)


First of all, congratulations!

Secondly…that blanket is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I cast on that blanket, so I feel a special bond with it. I appreciate everyone sticking with the pattern. It really turned out lovely!!!


Congratulations on your little one on the way! cloud9
What wonderful news!

And what a beautiful blanket! :heart: :inlove: :heart:


YES! Congrats!!! I’m glad it was just queasiness though that can be hard, being sick is just the worst!

And that blanket is just lovely! :inlove:


Congratulations on the wonderful news!! The blanket it beautiful!!


Does anyone have a picture of Salt Water Taffy (completed)?


The last one I have is the one you took. Stagebear has it now, and will complete it and give it to the hospital in her area.


Today, I received two blankets from MAmaDawn (Lavender’s Green & Beach Party), and she included some yarn just for me! :slight_smile:
3 skeins of Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Light Coral! :inlove:


Yesterday, I received two sweet little blankets from jhelanee. cloud9

The “Ocean Blues” blanket, and the “Bubble Gum” blanket that pinnut3200 made. :heart:

Yay!!! Our project is [I][SIZE=1]almost*[/SIZE][/I] complete!

We did a WONDERFUL job, making [B][U]19[/U][/B] preemie baby blankets for charity! :cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

[SIZE=1]* One of our blankets is missing: Summer Blossoms[/SIZE]


I still have some of the preemie blankets at my house, ready to be finalized. Most of them need a border, and one of them still needs one section knitted. Also, one of our blankets had a hole in it, so I had to unravel back to that section.

So, there is still work to do on our last blankets.

I completed “Nursery Rhymes” yesterday!

I’ve finally learned how to do a crochet shell border, and now I’m addicted! :teehee:

Here is my “to-do” list for the rest of our little blankets:
[B]“Racecar Alley”[/B] & [B]“Cloud Nine”[/B] - adding border
[B]“Cherry Blossoms”[/B] & [B]“Citrus Punch”[/B] - knitting last section, and adding border
[B]“Beach Party”[/B] - re-knitting two sections and adding border
(there was a hole in this blanket that I could not repair, so I had to frog back through two sections)


Woo Hoo! I’ve gotten a LOT done on our blankets. :slight_smile:
I think I must have gotten a fire lit under me during our last monthly KH knit-along in August. (Turn UFOs into FOs)

I finished FIVE blankets this week! :woohoo:

[B][U]Angel Kisses[/U][/B] (I decided to add a border after all. It’s kind of twisted in the photo, but it looks better in person.)

[B][U]Beach Party[/U][/B] (I had to unravel this one back through the last section, because there was a hole in it.)

Here’s the section I had to re-knit, with a close view of the crochet border I added:

[B][U]Citrus Punch[/U][/B] (I think the border looks like a lemon rind) :slight_smile:

[B][U]Cloud Nine[/U][/B] (It looks ready for a prince or princess!)

And [B][U]Racecar Alley[/U][/B] (Yippee!!)


I’m working on our LAST blanket right now.
"[B]Cherry Blossoms[/B]"

I should have it complete in a couple days. :slight_smile: