Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!


Gmmartorn PM’ed ya.


Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication to our project! :hug:

We are almost finished with our Oddball Preemie blankets, and will soon be able to concentrate solely on blankets for our regions.

Today, I received the “Sunny Meadow” blanket from bethany, and she included a small journal and some handmade soaps for me! :slight_smile:


I am updating the entries on my blog of the Oddball blankets that I have worked on this year. Does anyone have photos of the following blankets when they were finished:

Happy Crayons
Berry Bliss
Summer Blossoms
Cotton Candy
Firetruck Lane
Lavender’s Green

I know some of the blankets are Worsted Weight blankets, but I thought I would ask for the photos in both groups

I hope someone can help me.


[U]Happy Crayons[/U]
The last photo I have is the one from Spikey. The blanket was worked on by Constance123 after that, and then sent to Snowbear to be completed. We never got another photo of it.

[U]Berry Bliss[/U]
The last photo I have is yours. It was worked on by Suziehomemaker and kayrun after you, and was sent to Snowbear. I never got another photo.

[U]Summer Blossoms[/U]
The only photo I have is the one you made at the very beginning. This blanket is stuck in the system right now, having spent the last month in the home of a Ravelry knitter. We’re in the midst of trying to track it down.

[U]Cotton Candy[/U]
Once again, all I have is a photo of the start. This blanket is with a Ravelry knitter, and will soon be completed by stagebear.

[U]Firetruck Lane[/U]
The last photo I got was from Robinknits. This blanket was worked on by Constance123, then sent to Snowbear to be completed. I never got another photo.

[U]Lavender’s Green[/U]
The last photo was by kellybigeyes. The blanket is now being completed by MAmaDawn.


[U]Lavender’s Green[/U]
The last photo was by kellybigeyes. The blanket is now being completed by MAmaDawn.

I can post a photo after I’m done, I have the knitter part done, just need to do the border.


If you could post a photo when you finish, I would appreciate it. :muah:

It is so much fun to see the finished blanket.


Sandy, thank you for tracking down these photos. :muah:

I appreciate it, but I hope that the finishers will take a photo before it is donated.



I wish they would too! :pray:


Today, I received the “Forest Greens” blanket from KnittinMitchie, and she sent a sweet crochet washcloth as well!


I came home from vacation to find our house sitter holding onto Summer Blossoms. I’ll get started on it right away so it can get finished soon. I’ll take a picture just as soon as I finish my section. So far it’s so pretty!


Yay!!! Our Summer Blossoms blanket is alive and well!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:


I posted a kind of pitiful scan of Cotton Candy in post 616 if that helps any…
Karen G
in GA


Here’s that scan. Click it to make it bigger:


Summer Blossoms is ready for the next knitter! :slight_smile:


Oh, how colorful and pretty! :inlove:

I just sent a message to the next knitter. I’ll let you know when that person is ready.


I’ve finished both Lavender’s Green

And Beach Party

Both are headed to Shandeh, I’ll post confrim # after I get them…


Thanks for the picture!! It looks wonderful:yay:


Yay! :cheering:

Is that your shadow, or the shadow of a hired photographer? :teehee:


Mine… :aww::teehee: