Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!



I can hang onto it for a few days if you’d like. I can’t mail it out for a day or two anyway but if you need me to I can hold onto it longer. Don’t want to overwhelm ya. :wink:

Ps- I got your address, thanks!


It’s ok… just send it when you can… I just thought it was funny…


Oh dear! :teehee:


Saltwater Taffy was mailed this morning to kellybigeyes in TN. :thumbsup:

Confirmation #0307 3330 0001 2167 6176

This was my last Oddball Blanket to complete for the summer. As much as I enjoy knitting on these blankets, I am ready for some time off to do other projects.


Thanks so much Nancy. I’ll let you know when it arrives.


Me too!! :woohoo:
It’s fun to be free to knit what we want for a change.

Thank you for all your hard work, Nancy. :hug:


Cotton Candy should be ready to go out Mon./Tues.- - can you get me the mailing addy when you have a chance?
Karen G
in GA


Karen, would you please post of photo of Cotton Candy. We haven’t seen it for a long time.


I’ll check on the next knitter right now, and let you know.


Greetings! I just received Sunny Meadow, and can I just say it’s beautiful! And so TINY!! I’m used to the baby oddballs, not the preemie oddballs, so so cute. :slight_smile: I’m weaving in ends and will get cracking at the boarder shortly.

Thanks for the tea Sandy-I love that Organic one…mmm! And chocolate hazelnut? That will be tonight…


I recieved Salt Water Taffy today. It is just beautiful!! Thanks so much for the yarn and the beautiful stitch markers. I hope to get the yarn tonight and get started within the next day or so.


:blooby: arrived from Karne :yay: :x:


I’m glad you like the tea! The organic tea is my favorite as well. :inlove: It’s so GOOOD!

Thank you all for keeping our Oddball Preemie Blankets going!

Right now, we have a need for ONE KNITTER. [B]Would someone like to work on the “Summer Blossoms” blanket now?[/B]


If you are still in need, I’d be happy to knit on Summer Blossoms.


Wonderful! :slight_smile:

I’ll let AuntieMame (in Ravelry) know to send it your way!


sweetdreams ready to go!!:happydance:


Cotton Candy is officially on its way to the next knitter!
I would like to ask those who went before me what brand of
yarn they used?
It was all SO SOFT!!
I tried 3 diff. yarns on my section before I was happy with the soft factor :frowning:
Would love any input for future reference…
and here’s a scan of the edge of the blankie:


Beach Party got here today… thank you for the candy… the kiddos were happy that I got candy and not yarn… lol! It’s nice to have while I knitting.

And the blanket looks so great! Dh knew that it was a beach one without me telling him the name. Nice job everyone! :thumbsup:


I know that it was started with Bernat Softee Baby.
(Isn’t that a great name for baby yarn?) cloud9

How cool is that?! We are GOOD! :grphug:


I’ll check on the next knitter right now. :thumbsup: