Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!


You’re allowed to be lazy occasionally, auburnchick. :thumbsup:

I had the blues yesterday, and just sat around moping. I mentioned it to threesmom, and she agreed with me that it’s probably hormones. She also said that there was a full moon yesterday, and it causes depression for some people.

I feel much better today, so she might be onto something. :think:


Glad you are feeling better today Sandy…

I got Lavender’s Green today… well it got to my mailbox before today, but I got it today, it’s been a BUSY week!

I got yarn for it today too, for my knitted section and for the border. I’ll post pictures when I’m done.

Thanks for the tea! My inlaws are visiting and my MIL will love it if I share it with her!




I’m done with Forest Greens and will put it in the mail either tomorrow or the next day.

I used Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby. I’ve never used this before, and I LOVE it! It is soft and very easy to work with. Here’s the yarn, with massive yarn puke. :teehee:

Here’s the blanket…

And heres a close-up of my portion. The stitch is called Farrow Rib. I really like it. It was simple and looks nice on both sides. It’s probably one of my favorite stitches that I’ve used on these blankets.


I love Forest Greens. The stitch is just beautiful!!!:cheering:


Where did you get that yarn I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

Love the stitch!


Thank you!

I found the yarn at Hobby Lobby.


I will make a special trip across the river (swollen from rain) to Hobby Lobby.
The stitch is is just darling.
What a beautiful blanket.


Baby Bee Sweet Delight is SUPER soft. Some of the colors are softer than others. I don’t know why that happens, but it does. The yellows are always heavenly soft. cloud9

Forest Greens looks GREAT! :cheering:


Just checking in to say that I have the Cotton Candy blanket and will do my part…this one is cute!
Karen G
in GA


Lavender’s blue is on it’s way to Constance123. My mom sent it for me and forgot the delivery confirmation. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed it makes it there safely!
eta I totally spaced on taking a picture! It was all sealed and ready to go before I thought of it. I guess today was a forgetful day for the women in my family :teehee:


Hi All!

I received Forest Greens today from Auburnchick. This blanket is so pretty! Thanks Chick for the Summertime Spa Cloth…I can’t wait to use it.
Now, to get started…I just got back from Target in the POURING RAIN! Why is it that you always leave when the rain is the heaviest? And I couldn’t wait, the ice cream was melting. Now I am soggy, chilled and ready to pop in a movie and knit for the evening.


Saltwater Taffy is ready for the next knitter.




“Beach Party” arrived today. I’m loving the textures and colors. Thanks Constance for the beautiful yarn. I LOVE the color!!

I didn’t have colors specified to me on this blanket so I’m assuming any cheerful “beach party” colors will do?


Hello everyone! :waving:

We have a need for a knitter right now. I’m hoping that one of our new knitters will want to do this little project.

Our “Salt Water Taffy” blanket needs a knitter, because the person who was originally scheduled is unable to knit her part.

Who wants to take this blanket right now? :slight_smile:


If you don’t get any takers, I’m available. Thanks!


Thanks Gail!

kellybigeyes has offered to work on it, so I’m having it sent to her!

Have a Happy Independence Day!


Beach Party is ready for the next knitter (MamaDawn, I believe).


OK Sandy, I think you jinked me… you told someone else that they would soon have 5 blankets at once and I thought, well I’m glad that I spaced mine apart and won’t have that many at once, but now I think I’m going too… :roflhard:

Sent you my addy… last time I had 3… next time is it going to be 7? :rofl: