Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!


I’m glad you gals like the stitch markers. They’re the first ones I made.


“Forest Green” arrived in the mail. Thank you, Spikey, for the blanket and the beautiful skein of alpaca.


You are very welcome!


Got the blanket today will finish my section asap and it can zoom on to the next knitter!! :roflhard:


Wildflower got here yesterday it looks beautiful!, thank you for the yarn… I’m part of a dishcloth KAL so I know what you mean about cotton yarn… don’t have that color. I just don’t use them for my dishes… use them for washcloths :teehee:

Got to find what yarn I’m going to use… I’m thinking of doing stripes…


Lavendar’s Blue was sent to HollyP today. Tracking # 0307 1790 0002 5495 8624.


I finished working on Beach Party. I used Lion Brand Microspun - “Mango.” The pattern is Dotted Chevron from my knit & purl book.



Lavender’s Green was mailed to MAmaDawn today. Here is the Confirmation # 0308 0070 0002 1948 7072. Here are before and after pictures. I hope you all like it!!


I really like the pattern!!:yay:


Auburnchick…I just finished my section of “Forest Green,” an Oddball Preemie Blanket. Let me know if you are ready for it, and I will post it Monday afternoon. Thanks! G.-


I’m ready!


Thank you all for keeping the blankets going! :slight_smile:

I’m still plugging along on the blankets I’m finishing up at home. I’m planning on taking them to a few places in my area, to see who needs them most. I have a couple hospitals and pregnancy crisis centers on my list. :slight_smile:

I figure that if they see them up close, they will be more apt to want them. :thumbsup:


“Forest Greens,” an Oddball Preemie Baby Blanket, was just posted Priority mail to Auburnchick. Delivery Confirmation # is: 0306 0320 0001 5129 8334.


I love it, Nathalie!!! I’m so proud of Beach Party!!!


who’s next??:waving:


I finished the border on the spring fling blanket. I’ll post pictures hopefully in the next day or two. My inlaws are sick and we have had the kiddos (ages 4 and 2) all day today, tonight and tomorrow! I’ll then be sending it on to Shandeh to pass to a local charity! It looks beautiful!



OK here are the pictures of the Spring Fling blanket! I’ll send it to Shandeh on monday!



That would be me! :slight_smile:

Yay! It’s GORGEOUS! cloud9
Thank you so much, Danielle. :hug:


It is beautiful!!! I love it!:yay:


Beautiful border!!!

I received Forest Greens today. Thanks, Gail, for the notepad! Sorry, but I’m being too lazy to post a picture right now. I’ll post when I’m done with my part, though.