Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!


My mom asked me a little while ago if she could knit on them. She has knitted since college but is too intimidated by the internet to join un here. I told her I would ask.


Lavender’s Green is here. Big thanks to Constance123 for the pretty yarn! I did a few rows last night and should be able to finish it today.


She is more than welcome to participate. Tell her that we are a friendly group, and will be nice to her. :hug:

I will need her name and mailing address to add her to the group.

Thanks! I’ll check with the next knitter to see if they are ready for it! :thumbsup:


Are there any blankets that need more knitters? If so add me to the end and if it needs a border I’ll add one


Racecar Alley was posted this morning to Auburnchick…
0307 1790 0005 4659 3281


I got it today!:cheering:

Ocean Waves has arrived and I plan on starting it in the next day or two. I need to finish up the last of the 6 dishcloths for my kids teachers first.

Thank you Kellyh57 for the dishcloth pattern book and the Sugar n’ Cream yarn! How did you know that I knit a lot of washcloths! I have already eyed a couple of patterns in there to try out. I will post pictures tomorrow, I really wanna get the teacher ones done and out of the way!


received Nursery Rhymes today!!:yay:


Thanks, MAmaDawn. I added you as the last knitter on the “Beach Party” blanket. :thumbsup: Cynamar is casting it on now, so it will be a while before it gets to you.

I’ve also added you to the “Lavender’s Green” blanket. You’re taking my spot after Spikey. I already have enough blankets here to finish up. :wink:


Would you all mind if we take the month of July off? I’m thinking that we can finish the current baby blankets that are in progress, but not start any more until August. (Our current 13 blankets should keep us busy through the month of June.)

Would you all mind if we take a little break? Since it’s summertime, it would be nice to have a month free from recordkeeping. :slight_smile:

During the month of July, we could each start one or two blankets ourselves, and give them a name. Then, in August, we could post photos of what we have going. Then, we could start sending them out to the other knitters to finish. Does this sound like a good idea?


I’m almost done with Lavendar’s Blue. Is the next knitter ready? I think it would be going to traceleighj.

I’m not going to bed tonight until I finish … I can’t believe it’s taking me THIS long. So sorry for the hold up!!


I’ll check to see if she’s ready for it. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that the preemie blankets take a lot longer. Probably because the yarn is thinner, and the needles are smaller. :teehee:


I wish I could use that as my excuse… I just had way to many things going on at once. And only that was the only knitting thing!


I mailed ‘Spring Fling’ to Secksiebrat yesterday. :slight_smile:
0307 3330 0001 2861 5697


I’m fine with taking July off, (I can make sure I get my girl’s skirts done by their birthdays in July too then, neither are at the beginning)

And it will be fun to see all the new blankets.


Taking July off is fine with me. Even if we all would be happy to keep knitting, I think [U]you[/U] deserve a break, which is all the justification needed to me!


I had no idea! I just bought the yarn a few weeks ago and some books to go along with it just to send out for these. Cool coincidence!



I’m sure you could use a respite from all the bookwork!! :waving:


I think this is a great idea.


I received Lavender’s Green in the mail today. The yarn that I was going to use doesn’t coordinate with the other two yarns, so it is back to my stash to find something that will complement the other yarns. Perhaps, I will use a variegated yarn. :think:

Carmen, thank you for the yummy candies. :muah: I am in “Knitting Heaven.”


Racecar Alley showed up on my doorstep today! It’s so adorable!! I’ll start working on it after I return home from a weekend trip.