Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!


Danielle I need one too… any suggestion anyone?


I don’t know of a booklet but here is a bunch of edgings Crochet Pattern Central
The range from easy to fairly difficult so you should be able to find one that works for you.


Thank you so much Holly! I just learned to crochet so this will be a GREAT help!



It IS cute! :inlove: It really looks like an Easter Bonnet now. :slight_smile:

Thank you for starting another blanket for us! :muah:
This blanket will be “Salt Water Taffy”! :thumbsup:

I wish I knew how to do more than just single or double crochet. I don’t know how to make those “shell” designs for a pretty border. I guess we should all take a crochet class. :wink:

Thanks for the link, HollyP! :hug:


Easter Bonnet is so pretty! I want one for myself. :teehee:
I should learn to crochet too - that border is gorgeous!


I want one too. cloud9
Wouldn’t it be cool to have a big lap blanket made with that supersoft baby yarn? :inlove: I think I would turn into a female Linus. :teehee:


Thanks for all the kind words about the edging. Actually, I don’t know how to crochet - I’ve tried a few times and just can’t seem to get it…so the edging was actually knit. Basically I picked up stitches all the way around the blanket’s edge and just knit a few rows in the round. Then I did a picot bind-off. I used the instructions from knitty here (pg down), but didn’t like the cable-cast-on so I just used a knitting-on method instead. It was easier than thought.



Sandy, you can put me at the end of “Salt Water Taffy.” I would love the chance to try a knit edging. By the time it gets to my turn, I’ll have a new address, so I’ll send that to you.


I’m finishing up Ocean Waves. It should be ready to mail tomorrow. Let me know who’s next if they’re ready :slight_smile:



Cool! :thumbsup: Thanks for the link!

Sure thing. :hug:

Thanks Kelly! I’ll check on the next knitter now. :wink:


Spikey, did you get “Cloud Nine?” USPS shows it was delivered.


I’ll send her a PM to check on it. :thumbsup:


Have been out of town for a few days, and arrived home to find Salt Water Taffy and Cloud Nine waiting for me. Our terrific pet sitter brought them in so they didn’t get wet in all of the rain we had today.:woohoo:

Thanks, lucky_alf2, for the lovely coaster. :hug:It will always remind me of what wonderful people knitters are.

Thanks, stagebear, for the gorgeous stitch markers. :hug:I can’t wait to use them on my lace project. They are really stunning!


ready soon to send Nursery Rhymes on its way :waving:


looks like Constance123 is next:happydance:


I’m sorry for the little hold-up on Beach Party. I ordered circulars on Jo-Ann’s to use and donate and I’m waiting for my order. I started it on other needles and will knit it onto the new ones.


That’s correct! I’ll send her a PM about the “Nursery Rhymes” blanket.

Thanks for letting us know! And thank you for getting new circular needles for the blanket! :muah:


I started to use my Boyle circulars but the cable was too long and not flexible enough so I started it on straights and ordered some Susan Bates circulars from JoAnn’s. I have two sets of size 6’s coming for us.


I oculd send you the extra pair with the blanket or keep them in case I ever start another. Whichever you prefer.


I think you should hold onto them, my friend. :hug:
You never know when you’ll want to start another one for us! :slight_smile: