Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!


Tomorrow I’m making a run with preemie hats to Children’s Mercy. I’ll probably be in Children’s about 12:30 or 1 p.m. Giddy Knitter…that is soooooo not funny, you just get yourself busy and finish up that sweater for Leah. If you were here I’d gladly finish it up…but we know how far away you are. Hey…you know what??? You could just jump on a plane and bring it over!!! I will be patient and sit and put another shawl on the pins and get started…and patiently wait for the little blankies to show up. Love Constance


I just received Sweet Dreams from MAmaDawn. Along with “One Skein Knits for the Home.” Thanks, Dawn.


I’d like to be added to Beach Party if you still need people. Thanks!


You got it, my friend! :thumbsup:

Now, we just need 1 more knitter for “Beach Party”.

We also need to start a couple new blankets, so we’ll have a good circulation going.

Here are some new names for us to start with:

“Salt Water Taffy” (pastels)
“Baby Boy Blue” (blues)
“Pink Lemonade” (pink and yellow)

By the way, Constance, did you receive the “Lavender’s Green” blanket I sent to you?

Also, I wanted to ask you all about something. Would you mind if we give a few of our blankets to other places? I know of a crisis pregnancy center that could use blankets for newborn babies. I think a few of our blankets would be appreciated there.


That sounds fine to me… I just happy to help whom (it is whom here right?) ever needs it.

losnana, your welcome, I hope you can enjoy knitting from the one skien knits…



If you need knitters, please feel free to sign me up for any or all of these blankets. Thanks


Am happy to help on Salt Water Taffy.

MAmaDawn - it [I]is[/I] confusing to know when to use whom and who! The way I try to remember is, if it would be correct to use the word ‘him’, you’d use ‘whom’ and if it would be correct to use the word ‘he’, you’d use ‘who’. Does that make sense?


I think that’s a fabulous idea. Spread the love…

We have a ‘Baby Basics’ closet through the YWCA locally, but they are always in desparate need of newborn diapers, not blankets.


Wow, where were you when I tried to learn this the first time??? Pushing 40, and still learning… thanks!!!


See how we can all still learn from our elders! (I’m 41 :wink: )
:roflhard: I cracked myself up.


heh heh heh…


you two are so funny… thanks for the tip Spikey, that’s a great way to remember it!


I got Ocean Waves today- complete with yarn!!! I haven’t decided if I should use my yarn, or the stuff that came with it…oh the decisions!!!

Thank you for the yarn, misha :slight_smile: I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE it!!!

Can you tell I’m happy today. I’m going nutso with the !!s



[COLOR=DarkGreen]:woohoo: Forest Greens[COLOR=Black] arrived at my house this afternoon. Welcome, little blanket, we were so worried about you!

The box is fine, the address is all correct, and there is a delivery confirmation attached. Nothing to explain why it took almost three weeks to go from NC to PA first class :shrug:

No matter, as long as it is safe and sound. :woot:

Shandeh - have you started another one, or should we still call this [COLOR=DarkGreen]Forest Greens[/COLOR]?


Wow! How cool is this one! I’m delighted, because I’m on this blanket’s roster, and I already have some cool green forest-like yarn! :woohoo:

Thanks for the info…where it has been for the last three weeks is just another mystery of the cosmos…:wink:


I’m so glad it got there, and that you like the yarn! Happy knitting! :teehee:


Since our little blanket was determined to arrive at its destination, let’s allow it to keep the original name. :wink:
(or…we COULD call it “The Little Blanket That Could”) :teehee:


HAHA!! Or how about “The Little Blanket That DID”!! LOL


Hi Ladies! I’ve been busy…

I finished up my section of Easter Bonnet and added a border too since I was the last knitter (my first border BTW). It turned out very cute IMO. I mailed it back to Shandah yesterday – usps tracking # 0307 1790 0002 4290 5050 w/an ETA of 6 days

The needles looked so sad empty, so I went ahead and cast on for another blanket. I mailed it to Spikey yesterday as it was supposed to replace the “lost” Forest Greens blanket, which ironically just showed up…anyways, not sure what the plan will be for this new little blankie now – I’m sure our fearless leader Shandah will let us know :slight_smile: – usps tracking # 0307 1790 0002 4290 5043 w/an ETA of 4 days

Happy Knitting!


That border is adorable. Is it hard? I’m going to do a border here soon on the one I’ll be finishing up! I guess I need to get a little booklet on crochet borders!

Great job! :cheering: